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Views on Prostitution

Do prostitutes provide a valuable service to a community?
 63%  [ 7 ]
 36%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 11

I live in Bangkok, a city notorious for prostitution (and Lady-Boys!) and have a very liberal view to prostitution...

I'm not looking for admissions of guilt - I just want to know if people think that prostitutes provide a valuable service to a community or not.

I would be interested in hearing from any girls who have worked / are working in the industry to hear their views on what they do and why they do it.

I recently chatted to a "working girl" while out with some friends. Her views were that she as simply earning as much money as she could to kick start her career and buy a mortgage free house to live comfortably in. As well as providing monthly money to her family (a common thing in Asia). She didn't see her job as anything bad, and in fact saw no difference in that and a one night stand, she made the choice of who to sleep with and the money transaction was no more than what some guys would give a girl for taxi money in other countries.

So, what are your views?
personaly, I dont care at all what you do for your living.. as long as the girls arnt forced in to prostitution or, tricked into it.. if they do it because they want to.. well let them..

they are not cheating on anyone 99% of the time.. so dont wine on them.. wine on your boyfriend that paid her to do him.. If you got the physical strength to do this prostitution thing, then ther's an easi way to earn loads of $$.. cause there are so many guys out there that for some reason are desperate enough to pay for sex..

And if women had been the same horny pigs that many of us men are.. how many can honestly say that they wouldnt go male prostitute (gigoloo) then? ****** for $$ must be alot of guys dream...

I think we men are worse then the women.. if they would have been as desperate as we are some times (not all of us, but some) then I'll get my ass out on tha street right away..
Do prostitutes provide a valuable service to a community?
To some extent maybe it is, it might prevent rapists to go out there and grab women. Otherwise I can't think of any other valuable service to the community from my point of view, because I feel women/men shouldn't sell the use/abuse of their bodies.
If a comunity has some needs. There always will be a service to satisfy this needs.
Do prostitutes provide a valuable service to a community?
To answer we have to ask the comunity.

The word value have different meanings so I don't know.
In my country prostitution is something obvious and ordinery.
And not last, women have to make this choice by their own will.
If it's not like this, than we talk about a crime
I'll kinda stick with my opinion still.. as long as no1 force them (a crime) to become prostituted.. it's their own choice.. I dont care if they make any good for the community.. if they wanna work with this by their own free will and they manage it.. well let them... they have to live with having alot of ppl looking down at them.. violent people and stuff.. so it's not easy.. but if some women wanna do this even tho all the risks.. just let them.. tbh... I don't give a cent about morals.. or what everybody else thinks... that's what keeps alot of people from doing stuff they belive in anyways...
It's a bit of a loaded question if you ask me, because if you answer yes then it becomes a right and a privilege that should be protected by the state. If you answer no then you ignore the plight of people involved in the sex trade. So I personally am conflicted on the question. I believe you can mitigate many of the risks associated with the sex trade by putting it in a legal environment where it can be regulated. In a controlled environment you'd be able to implement things like health testing, and entitlement programs for those in the industry who are unable to work for short to long term and maybe even pensions since they would be paying taxes like anybody else.

Of course legalization does have its fair share of problems too, there's questions such as whether limited public resources should be used for helping to facilitate testing for such people? Is it really a long term solution, or will it encourage more people to do the same? Or should society really be trying to see why these people get into these jobs and how they could get out.

It's not realistic to propose one solution over another, because people will react no matter what option is on the table, though if governments notice then at least they should find creative ways to solve these problems. I don't think governments should completely lock out prostitutes, but it shouldn't be condoned by the state either, at any rate there should be some management of it as an acknowledgement that it does exist in what manner I leave that to debate.

(Although I am a bit off topic, it does seem to talk about the greater issue of the legal status of prostitution)
Prostitution needs to be eliminated

It's probably the number one way of transferring STDs. I f we want to completly eliminate AIDs, we have to get rid of prostution no matter how horny we are.
Nerdlings wrote:
Prostitution needs to be eliminated

It's probably the number one way of transferring STDs. I f we want to completly eliminate AIDs, we have to get rid of prostution no matter how horny we are.

Nope, numer one is information.. information people dont get or get enough of.. and we do know that the biggest "problem" area is Africa, depens alot on child rape n stuff down there.. I know that some people belive that if you have sex with a virgin, you will be cured.. so alot of kids get infected..

And for what I know about prostitution, I've never slept with one so I might be rly wrong here.. but they are affraid of the virus just as u and I am, so unless their customers use a condom, there wont be any sex.. I'm not saying that 100% of the prostituted women have that rule.. but as I've understood it.. alot of them do.. and it's not common that u wanna infect someone with the virus either.. so common people who know that they have the virus will protect themself and their partner..

We can't blaim prostitution for this.. we must blaim lack of information..
Nerdlings wrote:
Prostitution needs to be eliminated

It's probably the number one way of transferring STDs. I f we want to completly eliminate AIDs, we have to get rid of prostution no matter how horny we are.

Bah. This almost equals to say that "We've got to cut heads off because the headache is unbearable!"

Prostitution is not the issue as long as people have their desires. Restriction or oppression is not the way either as long as people want to do it. They will do it nonetheless, underground or not. There are countries where prostitution is illegal but the infection rate is highest. So what you said hardly hit the nail.
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