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Customer Service Survivalist - Surviving Customer Service

Digital Thoth

It's a jungle out there, a war, and the Survivalist will help you survive it.
Take a look at my new blog, let me know what you think.

"If you answer a phone, open a door, stand behind a cash register, interact with other humans in anyway for your company, you provide customer service. At times, in case of the president of the company, it may be less than say the newest member of the team, but at any time that you are speaking to someone not of the company, you are providing current or possible future customer service."
All your Customer Service questions answered by one of the best Customer Service Suvivors in the game today. Feel free to e-mail any questions, or thoughts, one new question or comment chosen daily to be used as part of the blog. Topics include the dos and don'ts of bill collections customer service, face to face customer service, over the phone sales customer service, over the phone customer support customer service, e-mail support customer service, and many other forms of customer service.
Pretty interesting topic. What got you interested in doing a blog for customer service?

As for the site, you have got to change that background from drab grey to a nice bright white. Or perhaps black and reverse out the text. As it is, it is very difficult to read the words with any speed.

Also, it would help to have a little more information in your bio.

Anyway good luck with an interesting topic.
Digital Thoth
I've been in customer service my entire career. I thought it best to write about something I know about, rather than just flying off at the handle about some random crap.

Anyways, thanks for the thought, and I'll look at it with thought and see if your suggestions hold water, so to speak. Thanks for the review!
I like the site, the design is quite good aswell.
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