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Tell if a download is a bad link

I was wondering how I could tell if something I download is a bad link that does something like:

Add a virus to my computer, trojans, gives a hacker info to hacking my computer.

Is there anyway you can tell?
well if you download it you can also use a scanner like AVG to scan it before you execute it. Thats what I do with all of my files
Thanks. I will keep that in mind.
And read all comments.
Make sure that 1) the software you want to install doesn't include any spyware by reading reviews/comments about it (search for it on google) and 2) you are downloading the right copy and not an infected one by making sure you are at the right download page/website (again google should help).
get a few good spyware filters, and pay attention to what you download
Vedder6 wrote:
well if you download it you can also use a scanner like AVG to scan it before you execute it. Thats what I do with all of my files

Yeah I do it to..

Viruses are found mostly in Illegal Materials like ... Cracks etc ...
so be aware ... Twisted Evil
Even if a virus scan comes out clean, it could still be something new that the scanner doesn't pick up.

In a nut shell, there's no real way to tell until execution, this relates to the popular theory of the halting problem.
Never run always save to your desktop and scan it with a good antivirus program. Also make sure you have active protection on as some download links can active JavaScripts and ActiveX scripts which can be malicious. IE is most vulnerable to attacks of these kind because it doesnt block all pop-ups. IE has improved by adding a phising filter which helps but beware of malware sites. If a site has been reported to be a distrubitor of malware if you search it on google and try to visit it youll be taken to a screen which gives a second chance before visiting the site.

Like this:

Check out this page for more information:
Just Activate your Antivirus Like Mcaffee Or kaspersky then Download The File, If its a virus or Trojan or anything that harm your Pc will be caught by the antivirus and be cleaned ... and u ill Know about it that its Safe or not..
I don't know whether you are using Firefox, but if you do some extensions might be useful to you.

Dr. Web Antivirus link checker
It adds the ability to scan your files with the online version of Dr. Web before actually downloading them.

McAfee SiteAdvisor
McAfee recently (well recently) took over a program which displays mini-logos after each google search result link. This way, you'll be informed whether the site you are about to visit is harmful or not.

Also comes in a IE version.
and usually illegal game crack sites contain bunches of them.... usually come in .exe files.
There isn't way to check a link before you download it.

The only caution you must have to download something, is have a comfident source.

Otherwise, you are compromising your OS and hardware.

Be aware, good luck.
Q5U8 wrote:
There isn't way to check a link before you download it.

Did you bother to read my post?
You can also utilize an anti-virus program that does real-time scanning, as the file is downloaded it is scanned, and be sure to keep it updated.

Mine updates daily, and I still run a firewall just in case something does get by.
Just have an updated active anti-virus and anti-spyware installed on you machine. Most new version of anti-viruses and anti-spywares have automatc scan nd detection utility meaning, they automatically scan the file as you download it. Even the site that contains malicious codes are detected.
1. Only download from reputable sites. If what you're downloading is any good then it should be available from more than one site.
2. Get a firewall. Kerio recommended:
3. Get a virus scanner that checks everything incoming like:
4. Get Firefox. I haven't had any spyware on my machine since I've been using it. Using IE I had to get rid of about a dozen minor items a week despite not using the net so much.
5. Get Adaware: That should take care of any spyware that makes it through.
Get a virus scanner that can do real time incoming and outgoing file scanning. I believe all anti-virus programs today have that.
normally i don't download any files unless I'm really sure what it contains.

Sometimes if I'm really curious about a file i'd install it on a dummy computer first just to be sure.
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