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Anybosy here ranking for a high competetive term

The title says all anybody here ranks in first page for terms which are very competetive. Can you share your ways of achieving it, domain name used(keyword) amount spent in linking etc
What do you define as a high ranking term? I am number 1 in Google for "mass storage device driver", does that count?

How did I get there? Blood, sweat, and tears. Nothing fancy, just working hard at it for 12 months!
I just need some free consultation via yahoo for one of my site
will you ?
SoftStag wrote:
... I am number 1 in Google for "mass storage device driver", does that count?

I have tryed it. You are the 3rd Sad
I can never seem to rank high in Yahoo.
To rank high in a highly competitive keywords phrase, you have to study the top 10 websites for that terms.

Of course, when you say competitive, it can mean results with millions of pages or it can mean that the top pages are of high pagerank and have optimized page with keywords and relevant keywords inside.

If you mean to get to the first page among millions of pages then the solution is simple, although you need to have the right tool for the research.

I use Keyword Analyzer software to spy on the top 10 page result of any keywords to decide if I can compete with them.

Usually if a lot of the pages have high pagerank, them I won't want to waste my time there... however, once in a while it will be great to take up the challenge Wink

When i see some search result producing a few pagerank zero pages, I will investigate further.

I see whether they have the keyword in their title tag or heading tag or bolded the keywords.

Most of them are not optimized in such a way... They might have the keyword in title but missing it in heading or meta....

So if you can produce a page with the said keywords in all the important tags, keeping you keyword density below 2% and have a lot of other keywords that is relevant to your main one, you stand a good chance.

The density and relevant phrase thing is to combat something Google put up recently called Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI).

The subject is too new for me to explain here, so go ahead and do a search on it.

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