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gpu temperature?

the card is gigabyte 7300gt ddr2 silentpipe (passive).

are temps like 85-90C under load normal? i mean, i would but a vf700 on it, but why if those temps are normal? i am experiencing no artifacts or problems.

and one other thing, if they aren't normal, didnt gigabyte engineers thought of it as they designed the card? :p

I don't think that that is a normal temp. I have a 7300GT with a fan and it runs at 50-55C under load. Do you have enough ventilation in your case?
well i have 120mm vent on the side (modded to 5V), and the psu takes the hot air out. so i guess its fine.

please consider this is low-surface PASSIVE cooler.

in drivers control panel core warning temperature is 125C.
My laptop GPU never goes beyond of the 55ēC barrier.

I think any above of that temperature must be wrong, check the air intake or fans, before something happens with the hardware. Shocked
The graphics card you have is passive, so those temps are perfectly normal. Zip-tie a fan to it and you'll probably see 60C or better load...
85-90° is not normal temperature for desktop. I have tweaked Geforce 6600 GT and it only gets to temperature 85° if there is really high load in games. Are you sure that your fan on graphics card is working? It is works, try to clean it up. Dust is very frequent reason for high temperatures. Also make sure, that you have good ventilation on your casing.
i will worried if my system temperature more than 45 - 50 c. so i don't think that would be a normal temp, my pc had 2 additional fan, 3" and 2" to make sure my pc temperature idle at 41 to 43 C. Temperature is the most important factor for your pc performance.
Keep it under 80C(i dont know what that is in farenheit). Any hotter then that and you might as well sell the gpu for scrap metal as it would have started to melt. Otherwise you should be fine
thats wayyyy high for a 7 series. I however have a 6800gs and it idles 58-61 and under load it is 75-80. I thought that was wayyyy to high and i know i have proper ventelation so i checked the web for reviews of my card and interface and those are pretty normal temps for the 6800GS KO AGP.

P.S. The card is factory overclocked and not by me.
If fan is working normal and if there are no problem with graphics and artifacts in games, it should be ok. You don't have to worry about destroying your graphic card because it will automatically lower down frequency of ram and processor or simply turn itself off.
However, temperatures for graphic cards are normal up to ~90°C.
Pscyosquirrel's right; passive and under load you can definitely reach those types of temperatures, although that is a bit on the high side. And you shouldn't have to worry about dying hardware because if it gets really too hot then your system will automatically shut off.
My Macbook can hit temperatures of 172 degrees Fahrenheit on CPU A, which is about 78 degrees Celsius. That is going all out. Can you pull up a reading on the fan speed? It might be jammed. I lost an old Macintosh IISI due to a bit of plastic jamming the fan and causing an overheat. Right now I am at 138 F (59 C), and 1800-2500 RPM fan speed. This is for me about 'cruising speed'.
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