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Life-threatening experiences

So it seems that I have this innate talent to attract trouble and get out alive. Not counting some serious car accidents I was on, I've had one simple surgery going terribly wrong once (which ended on me staying "a few days" longer on the hospital, connected to a machine), I was attacked by two german shepherds when I was 7, and fell from horseback (which resulted on a dislocated shoulder and my head landing 1 foot away from this large rock...). My latest one was actually about two hours ago... Yes, I'm sitting here now, on a cybercafe, ranting about this. The scare is long gone and I thought I'd ask you guys about your personal experiences on this field.

Anyway, I was going to work this morning like any other day, and I sat on the back of the bus as usual. I always found the back of the bus to be a good spot, as you have enough privacy to lean back and doze off during the ride, or you can always see everyone who gets in and out of the bus. This is great if you like watching people for some reason, or if you just want to check out the girls... ahem... Anyway, by staying on the back of the bus you're also sitting directly above the engine, which can be bad enough, like today. These last few days have been warm enough, so I was kind of ignoring the heat... Though I found the smell a bit odd. The drivers behind the bus were hitting on the horn quite stubbornly, and some people in the bus, including the driver, were looking uneasy. When I looked back... smoke. Black smoke. And it was coming from the bus. We made an emergency stop and jumped out of the bus, just moments before the flames burst. I don't know what the hell happened, I was stunned and didn't even care what the people around me were saying.

Long story short, I was inches away of burning my back in that bus, and it should still take a while for the next one to come, especially after the traffic jam that resulted from here. The bus did NOT blow up, fortunately. I walked inside this cybercafe some moments ago, I already contacted my boss to tell her about the situation, and I took the chance to come out here for a quick rant.
...Well, I actually just lost the next bus as I'm writting this line, but hey... I'm wrapping this up here.

If you've ever had some sort of potentially life-threatening experiences (not induced purposedly, accidental only), feel free to discuss and talk about them. Signing out.
Well i remember when i was attack by a dog well it was technically my fault because there where children around and I rather see myself hurt then children it just the way i am. So the dog was barking and growling and I went up it before it attack one of the other kids trying to pet it, and tackled it i required 32 stitches in my arm, 4 on my forehead, they said i lost a pretty good amount of blood! After that i turned to a cat lover! I wouldn't mistreat a dog though just not so crazy about having one as a pet. I was also 17 at which was 3 years ago.
JC Denton
Well, when I was about 8 years old or something I stood at a jumptower (No idea what it is called in english Think ), but you use them to jump into the water. Anyhow..I was 5 meter above the water and the ground keeping the tower up, which is made of cement. With me up there it also was some big guys and I got a little scared, so I backed of and fell backwards, out of the tower against the cement ground. Lucky as I was, my foot got stuck in the ladder when I had fallen about a meter. Must be one of the closest death situations that have happened to me.
i have been lucky tbh, the closest i have been ot death is in the car with of my mates who tbh drived like a ****** nutter
I really have not gone through such dangerous life threatening experiences but there was this one time when I was almost killed. I was sitting with my friend in his bike. My friend was the driver and we were going not too fast. Then suddenly a little running girl came out of nowhere and was in front of us. My friend did not know what to do. He stopped the bike and the girl was hit too (very lightly). I went flying and rolling and my friend was pressed by the bike. A crowd gathered, the little girl had some swellings in her leg and my friend had some minor wounds in his leg and hands. I was the one who was really injured. Blood came out of my hands, legs and there were even scratches all around my body. Thank god that the road was empty at that time. If there were other running vehicles too then I wouldn't probably be here typing this. We still had to pay for the girls x-rays and medicines and all my college's fees were spent on our medication that day. If I remember that day, I'm become afraid to ride motorcycles.
Where to start... Laughing

Mainly from sports. In hockey, I got tripped going full speed on a breakaway, flipped OVER the goal, goalie, and into the boards. I hit the boards in the air, and the person who tripped me's stick broke in half and went flying, to give you an idea of how fast I was going. After hitting the wall, I fell and managed to land mostly on my back and shoulders. My collarbone was the only thing broken, and it had broken completely through, with one end of it pushing at my skin and the other end embedded into my shoulder muscle. To this day, I don't know how I didn't go unconscious.
Another good one was when I was dared to do a backflip when we were aggressive skating off a driveway. I overshot, over rotated, and landed on my elbow and face, luckily missing the sidewalk I planned on landing on, and instead embedding my face and elbow in muddy grass between the sidewalk and road. If it hadn't rained the day before, I probably would have shattered my arm, dislocated my shoulder, and possibly broken my neck.
On the highway (Ga400 for those of you who know Atlanta), I was driving and a car on the other side of the highway swerved onto the median to dodge a car that had slammed his brakes. There was a parked car in the median, which the idiot hit at full speed, launching him INTO the air, and over my car. It took me a few seconds to even realize what had happened.
When I go mountain biking, people love to park their massive jeeps (with the lift kits, all the offroading stuff, etc) in scenic poses on the middle of the trail. I downhill VERY fast, and often can't stop in time to avoid them if they park around a blind corner or a hill. I have hit 3 jeeps. Ironically, all were parked, and their owners nowhere to be found. By hit, I mean that I jump off my bike, fly, and hope to God not to hit anything. The bike is the only thing that actually hits the jeep, I have been lucky enough to be able to fly over the hood twice, and the third time, I was facing the front of the jeep and managed to jump to the side and roll on the dirt to stop... I don't mountain bike where people offroad any more (all 3 incidents were at the same trail in North Georgia).
Another mountain biking story that involved near-death was at Dupont State forest in North Carolina. There are hardly any quick switchbacks on the trail I was on, so I wasn't expecting one on the trail. Once I was airborne, I noticed that I missed my turn. I ditched the bike, which got caught in a tree. I missed all the trees somehow (act of God), and slid to a stop...
I used to run Cross Country and almost got hit by a bus. He ran a red light and was inches from me.

I'm sure there are more, but I've already made myself seem like enough of an idiot from the above. Razz I figure, I only get to live once. I might as well go all-out. All the time.
I was climbing a tree, which is a normal seeming occupation for a child. I am not a child. I am 24. I like climbing tree's it is fun. On this occasion it was a summer night, the preceeding day had been bakingly hot, sweat dripped from the lamposts. I needed to escape. I had been drinking. Not enough to stop me climbing, too much to be carefull about it. I headed upwards for the fresh cool breezes. Upwards ever upwards. The slender branches supported me gracefully. Willowing with my weight they rippled and swayed exitingly under me as though I was an asian kung fu film star. Before I knew what I was doing I found myself dancing along this one branch which extended out from the main trunk of the tree, the branch became narrower as it reached futher into space, about 30ft above the ground.

I was aware the situation was precarious but because I wasn't all that aware I didn;t worry too much. I started bouncing up and down. When the branch inevitably gave way I was soo confident I jumped up reached outwards horizontally with my arms and grabbed branches, did a sommersault in mid air supported by my arms then found a thicket suppor to stand on. When I came down to the ground, quite chuffed with myself and examined the nranch which had falled and smashed on the floor, I realised actually how serious it had been. I know you stipulated no self induced situations but I believe I was not entirely in a fit state of mind.
I have to say, I have been very lucky. My only incidents have been being chased by dogs (no injuries), falling facefirst on a glass table (cut my eyebrow, glass table was fine), and running into the middle of a street when a car was coming (my father grabbed me before a car hit me).

I was young when all of these happened - considering I'm 14 right now - but actually there's one other incident that I remember, also around the same time as the others:

I was reading a book in one hand, and I walked into my bathroom, turned on the sink, and put one hand under the faucet, all while reading the book. I glance down at the sink... and I see a massive scorpion right under my hand. I, eh, scream bloody murder, drop the book and run at 5mph to the other room where my father is working, and scream "SCORPION! SCORPION!" Of course, my parents don't believe me... until they go look. Rolling Eyes
well I not sure how many of you know this but I am blind and i use aspecial sckreen reader to us the computer but anyway.
once me and this girl i was dating who had isite problems but could still see went to a bech together and were walking be hind the skbnak bar when we sudenally walked off a 5 foot cliff that my girl friend at the time did not see becuse it belended into the grass around it... the one second were walking the next were were falling... good thing it was sand underneef andnot watter or anything... we got away of a few sckraps from rubbing up agenst the ston clif onour waydown and a cupletwisted ancles
Twisol wrote:
I was reading a book in one hand, and I walked into my bathroom, turned on the sink, and put one hand under the faucet, all while reading the book. I glance down at the sink... and I see a massive scorpion right under my hand. I, eh, scream bloody murder, drop the book and run at 5mph to the other room where my father is working, and scream "SCORPION! SCORPION!" Of course, my parents don't believe me... until they go look. Rolling Eyes

That happened to me too! But it was lots of little scorpions rather than one big one... They had all crawled up through the drains (y'know, as you do) and into my sink. So, I switched on the tap and drowned the little bastards! :p
I haven't really had anything that scariest moment was hydoplaning in the middle of the highway and winding up facing the wrong way to oncoming traffic!! Luckily, there was quite a large gap between me and the closest oncoming car, so I was able to turn back around (very slowly & shakily!) before any traffic got near me. Still very scary.
Well, I haven't had any close calls, but one of my close friends did. He was driving the speed limit of 65mph, but he had not slept for 3 days, and he drove a SUV. He dozed off and went off the rode, and on top of that his foot hit the accelerator instead of the brakes, he rolled 5 times and a tree stopped him, but the amazing part is he got out of the car alive. Then about 2-minutes later the car blows up, that was real scary for that to happen to one of my friends. He did have a broken nose and a deep cut on along the mid side of his back, but at least he lived. Since, then he has never driven with being awake for more than 24 hours, and i am very glad of that! This experience doesn't really make me want to drive that road.
You all had some scary experiences and it's a miracle you survived them all.

I was about 11-12 years old and had just walked into our kitchen one morning. On the counter there was a dish rag my mother forgot to hang up. So I grabbed it up not knowing there was a scorpion underneath. The scorpion struck and I got caught in my right hand. I was so shocked, it fell to the ground and I very swiftly got a knife and diced him up!

2nd experience, another scorpion. This one was in the kitchen sink and I had no idea. I picked up a glass (I was doing dishes) and it crawled onto my hand. I flicked it off and it fell to the ground and hit me just behind my left ankle. I ground this one to dust!!!

I never went to the hospital or anything and I don't think my parents cared much anyway. I prayed and I just left the area alone and thank god, nothing happened to me!!!!
Back when I was in high school, my friend and I were working on a school project together - we were to design a town for the sociology class we had together. I went to her house to work on it since I had no room at my house, and stayed until dinner; a few days following that, my friend and I both found each other ill and bed-ridden. We never figured out what it was, but both my friend and I were stuck at home for an entire week of school.

I ended up going to see the doctor during the week, and while he did not disclose what I had, he did want me to get X-rays to ensure that I did not have pneumonia (which isn't all that scary now, but from seeing friends disappear to the hospital for days because of it, hearing that I had somehow gotten it scared me). Luckily, it turned out I did not have it, but I got a neat note from the doctor's; it eliminated the week-long absence from my attendance record (never knew a real doctor's note had such power at my school).
My goodness, where to start!
I gess the most interesting close call happened a few years ago. We were white water kayaking... no, it's not what you're thinking.
I'm a nervous paddler, and I was still pretty new at it then. The river was a bit low, so yu had to stay right in the middle of the channel, or you'd get stuck on a gravel bar and would have to get out and drag your boat back into the current.
Well, we were coming around this big blind corner (with me in front, of course) and there was a HUGE GRIZZLY fishing in the river. He was so big, he spanned the whole river Shocked . His back was to us, so he didn't see us, and there was no place to go!
I don't know about you, but surprising grizzly bears isn't my favorite passtime!
I considered flipping my boat and floating by the bear upside down, using the boat as protection... but the water really was too shallow. (And it was a grizzly, for crying out loud!!!)
There ws a teensy little eddy on the other side of the river, about half the size of my boat. It didn't look like i could even make the turn to get into it.
But I was pretty motivated! SO I eddied out, which got me out of the current, so I didn't just keep going and bump into the bear. Then the 7 other people I was paddling with had to join me in an eddie half the size of 1 kayak!
So we clung to the rocks for dear lie, and held onto each others paddles, so we made a chain that went halfway across the river.
We held on till our arms ached.
Finally, the bear noticed us and took off.
Now that was an interesting close call!
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