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6 frih per post *up to 120 frih*

if you register at and make posts which are not spam i'll pay you 6 frih per post, upto 120 frih max. offer is only open to first 10 people who sign up.

4frih is the max you can get per post here and that's if you typed a really long post. 6 frih per post is an awesome deal.

register soon and post here. i'll pay you as soon as i varify your post counts.

I just registered as sonlight and made a post at your site. I will check back occasionally and see if I can contribute to the discussion.

Thanks for the offer, and I wish you the best with your site. I don't consider the six frih points a great offer, since I can get four frih points and four points here, not just for a long post, but for one I consider moderate in length.
Ok I am registered as sumit270. I will start posting this evening. Your offer is really great, and i look forward in contribution more to your community
thanks guys
@pashmina - i hope to see you there
@sonLight - i have paid you 6 frih for that first post. i don't want to offer more frih because i don't have that many frih. lately i haven't been able to be more active. Crying or Very sad
Thanks, linexpert. I probably don't have much to contribute to your forum, but I will post again if I can feel I can add something useful. I didn't mean to sound critical. I think it's nice that you can povide an incentive.

afaik I have no convenient way to verify receipt of frih, unless I checked up on it real carefully. In any case, I'm not worried about it. Feel free to check it at your convenience, and to pay according to how well you think I contribute to your site.

If others wonder about verifying frih$ transfers, maybe we should discuss it in the support forum. As far as I'm concerned, it's not worth either you or me counting the pennies in this case.
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