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New GeForce 8600 GTS/GT unveiled!

Today is great day for all us: nVidia has just introduced on the market the all new GeForce 8600 GTS and GT models! Very Happy

The price range goes 149 $ (GT model) to 229 $ (GTS one).

Here you'll find a review of these graphics cards:

After reading about their performance, I was a bit disappointed.
IMHO the 8800 GTS has a better quality/price ratio... what do you think?
My PC is alredy powered by 8800 gts , well I'm waiting for real dx10 game - It will show the true power of g80 GPU. Yeah mid and low end 8x00 aren't this what i was expecting. Sad I agree that 8800 gts graphics card is good choice , i' don't regret , that i bought it.
Performance seems to be slightly dissappointing. I've got my 88gts though, but for my customers I think I'll stick with 76GT's for now instead of 86's, which don't seem to give enough of an improvement to justify an upgrade, like the review said.
I'm still playing with 6600 I'll wait for another year before i upgrade Razz
I would just go with an 8800gts if anyone bothers upgrading. The 8600s are not worth it...
My laptops has a old chip GE Force 5200XT with 512MB, and it works with a demanding games like Halo.

My desktop is a Mac so... I have to stuck with it anyway. Razz

Thanks for the info, falconfx. Very Happy
the prices of 8600gts's are still too high to be reasonable right now, you can get the 8800GTS 320 for like 30 bucks more.
I like the release of more lowerend card to balence the prices and push the industry more toward DirectX10. And the 8500 is only $95, which gets you the nice GeForce 8 tech for a super low price, but they are very under powered. The 8600GTS is $200 but only has about a quarter of the power that the 8800GTS has. I currently have a GeForce7900GT (not by choice, it was free), that runs all the highend games I play full out max, with great FPS. Seeing the first DirectX10 game is still on the way most likely, Crysis in the Fall, I really have little reason to update till then. Also to use Directx10 at all you have to swap over to Vista, so I'm going to wait for Crysis first.

If I still just had my GeForce6800GT I would have upgrade the day the 8800 came out. And hopefully the 8800GTS 320Mb will drop from $240-$280 to $200 by the time Crysis comes out, then thats the card for me.
Looks like these mid-range cards aren't worth the upgrade if you already have a 7600GT or so, unless you are looking for the DX10 features. 7900gs easily crushes the new 86gt's so no reason for those to "upgrade" either. Plus you can get a low-end 88gts for 30 bucks more.
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