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What happened to my site in google?

My site was indexed in google till yesterday.I have made the index page changed since previously it had flash link and couldnot crawl further. Although in google webmaster tool, It is still showing as indexed but even giving the full url in google search box, it is not returning any result.Please help with the problem.
Wait a few days. Google goes through temporary glitches like this all the time. Back in January, I had many pages on a high traffic site suddenly tank in Google for about a week. I pulled my hair out every day trying to figure it out (and lost a lot of sleep over it), panicked and was just about to abandon ship and when all of a sudden my rankings were restored. Never did figure out what happened.
Ya, Exactly the same happened to me.It is now available in google.Couldnot figure out the problem though.
sometimes the google webmaster tool is not so fast to get the latest result, you probably excluded from the index some how, but it's not yet show in the webmaster tool page
That is known as the "Google Dance" or "Google Slap".

It is very common and happens to everybody, or almost all of them Very Happy

It is just how Google work to keep the system efficient and relevant... if it got dropped out of the first page, just keep building your content and getting backlinks.

If you do it correctly, you will see your ranking improve anything between 2 weeks to 2months (sometime longer).

Take it as if Google is going on a first few dates with your website and are interested at first, then have doubts and decide to give it time... and if your site consistently interest google again, they it will be at the top of their list Wink
had same problem but got listed afterwards again...... best of luck 2 u
generally it is difficult for a search engine to include website with flash. i dont know the reason but it is difficult to index website with flash. they get low rank as far as i know. try to make your website with simple pictures,graphics,etc.

hav a nice day!!!!!

abhi Rolling Eyes
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