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Guess Team India Performance in future...?

Oh...! Sad

The Indian team was disappointing in all aspects and just didn't show up. A lot of critcism has been thrown at Rahul Dravid and right so. He has made a lot of wrong decisions in his tenure as captain and we cannot overlook this even though he is one of the most consistent performers for the team.

As a part of this, Bangldesh humiliated India and this will definitely go down as one of the worst defeats of all time for India. At such a big stage as the World cup, everyone expected that the big guns of India would fire at the right time, but no way, the guns became playing water guns.

Soon after, they roared on small and tiny Bermuda Chimp's, as they came back in previous World cup.

But finally, they walked out of the CWC - 2007 for their declined performance against Srilankans.

What about coming Bangladesh Tour?

Post your valuable thoughts Whether they are Lions or Just Cats ?
oh !

Nobody wanna to discuss the performance of the GREAT INDIAN TEAM Question Exclamation Exclamation .
Its very sad to see & hear.

Chalo...! Hogaya India team ka kahani with CWC - 2007 Sad .

Forgive all Indians Rolling Eyes .
To our disappointment, Team India performance in world cup 2007 was rather poor. But we must remember that like in other games, there are ups and downs in cricket too. Lets hope that Team India will rise like phoenix and thrive for excellence.
There would be nothing special in the future of Indian cricket. They would never be going to dominate the cricketing world unless they change their style and attitude...
After completion of 1st test with Bangladesh as Draw, The Future Indian Team will be a big ZERO as I guess.

If rain didn't stopped the play on 2nd and 3rd days of the match, it will not going to end as draw. definitely one or other way, the Bangladesh will be going to win. Thats the performance of Great Team India.

There is no Future for Team India. The great players who did centuries in First innings (SACHIN & SOUVRAV), Are they playing for India or for their own records.

Once again drastic performance of Great Heroes. No more Indian matches are there to watch as the Team India was physically handicapped with great Fools.
Well, fits test match has drawn, but the second will go i nthe favour of team India, I guess.

Team India, will perhaps improve after the 'money as play' method.
Utsav wrote:
Well, fits test match has drawn, but the second will go i nthe favour of team India, I guess.

Team India, will perhaps improve after the 'money as play' method.

I think they will not play at all and as per you told "money as play" method will not improve their attitude or play because they are getting a lot of money from endorsements.

The way to improve them is, " Quit the idiot who will not perform in atleast one match - as Aussies did "

then it will prove to some extent...........
Its Team performance that choose that fate of the match as well as luck which definetly plays its role sometimes . This world cup will be remembered for its upsets . It really become useless after Pakistan and India were both knocked out of the super eight. After that the super eight stage became crap as well. and lets hope the next World Cup brings some better and interesting cricket to watch.

The Blue men are in track now....
They Won the "FUTURE Cup"beating South Africans by 2-1.

With this, A Good news for all Cricket Lovers and Indain Fans that both Great Openers Sachin and Ganguly are very hungry for runs and getting their previous style of getting runs.....!

Hope they will succeed in England Tour also.

But surely they have to kick the Pakistan which will be going to be played on tomorrow.

Come on INDIA....! Come on Blue Men...!
Yuvraj would captain India in the 2011 WC
Now its the time to fight TIGERS against English guys...!

What will be the future...? All are in roaring mood but have to be watched only on thursday....

Chalo India....Chalo Blue men... Jeeth hogi hamareee...! (It is in Hindi.. Donot mind others)
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