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5 reasons why you should use AuctionAds

Hobbit - AuctionAds is basically an eBay affiliate program, but it does a lot of the hard work for you.

They're my new favorite network, here's why you should use it.

1. $10 payout. If you try it and don't like it, at least you can wait till you hit $10 and get paid.

2. Snowball effect. When a user clicks an ad, there's a cookie that expires in 30 days. If in 30 days the user wins a bid, you get commission. They can win any bid, it doesn't have to be the one they clicked.

3. High CTR. Everyone knows the trick of putting relevant images next to ads which increases your CTR significantly. Well that's not allowed, but AuctionAds technically does that automatically because the ads are displayed with a thumbnail of the product.

4. Relevancy. eBay is kind of like Google, it has everything. If your site is about doorknobs then the ads will be about doorknobs. *checks* Yes, there is doorknobs on eBay.

5. I lied, there's only 4 reasons. Feel free to add your own.

The following is copy pasted from another forum but it will help you understand how earnings are calculated, take note they are just estimates.

1000 impressions * 10% CTR = 100 possible bidders
100 possible bidders * 50% BTR = 50 bidders
50 bidders * 10% AWR = 5 wins with commission

Now, how commission is figured is interesting. You get commissions on eBay's revenue, which are the fees eBay earns on a winning auction. These are Insertion Fees and Final Value Fees. You can see how these add up here:

Your commission is a percentage of these fees, from 40 to 65% based on sales volume. AuctionAds is consolidated under one account, so I'd expect them to hit 57.5 to 60%.

So here's an example commission:

Winning bid: $39.93
Insertion fee: $.40 (based on the start price of $1.00)
Final Value Fee: $25.00 * 5.25% + $14.93 * 3.25% = $1.31 + $.49 = $1.80
Total fees: $.40 + $1.80 = $2.20
Commission: $2.20 * 60% = $1.32

So, with this auction & the numbers above, 100 clicks COULD earn you 5 * $1.32 = $6.60.

You basically don't need a lot of traffic to earn more money. If 1000 impressions can potentially earn you $6.60 then you're already earning more than what you would earn with Adsense. You need 1000 uniques to get $5 per day with Adsense (estimate based on experience). Take note the difference between a unique visit and an ad impression. If your site gets 4 page views per unique visit, that means you could be earning $6.60 with just 250 uniques per day (Because you would get an overall of 1000 impressions).

Results may vary depending on your audience. If they're too young then they probably won't be shopping online as much as older teenagers or adults. It also depends on your keywords, tweak them until you are happy with the results. I'm not joking about the keywords thing, play with them or you won't earn anything!

Wow I just ranted a lot about AuctionAds, I should post it in my blog as well.
Heyyy. Great and beautiful post.

If you could, explain the exact numbers you used for calculations. What is the 5.25% for, what is 14.93$ for?

And what does BTR and AWR stand for?

Is this also based on your experience? Because I get probably 250 impressions daily (Stats from AAds) with 300 uniques a day, on this blog, which is optimized with AuctionAds but seem to have made nothing yet?

Anyways, good luck with AA. I am using it for almost a month yet, and still wait to see results, but at least I am earning with Adsense.

And BTW (by the way) how much have you made off of AA?
Honestly, I forgot, I wrote this quite a while ago, plus that part is quoted.

BTR = Bid Through Rate
AWR = Auction Won Rate

I've made about $120. I took them off my site because it seems my users were kinda bored and weren't clicking as much as in the beginning, and they weren't buying anything either.

I might put them back up after a while. Like I said it's all about the keywords. Even though my site is about My Chemical Romance, the keywords were about clothing which I thought they might like. You have to think outside the box sometimes.
You have a very impressive forum Hobbit. I am curious on how you would market a band to have over 30,000 posts.

120$ great, with your forum I guess it's possible. My blog doesn't really have a niche, but if your online I put the keyword as hardware;software;games.

So hopefully it may work out.
Actually it's +155,000 =P . It's all about creating a hype, and giving users an incentive to post. I might make a post later on how I did it.

Good luck with AuctionAds. By the way it was $60 for two months.
hey dude that was a great post...I didnt knew about such a thing...Me gonna use it right now..Once again thank you for this great link..... Laughing Laughing Laughing
Don't use them anymore, they suck, plain and simple.
lol, I have just want to say that I don't use them anymore.
yeah, they suck. I made almost no money from them. Very Happy

I heard shoemoney sold that site to other company, is it right?
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