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Beauty sleep

I've heard that the body requires a minimum number of hours of sleep to regenerate. Time gives the body a chance to detox, repair, and improve the body. I heard that after a certain number of hours, the body releases some really important/good hormones that provides people a healthy glow. Creates "Beauty Sleep".

What are the general guidelines for sleep? Adults are recommended to sleep 8 hours and children should sleep about 10 hours. Do these hormones really come out after a certain number of hours?
minimum sleep for an adult is 5 hours.. if you sleep less, it's a big chance that you will break down one day.. and most "important" hours to sleep are between 10pm and 3am.. that's when your body "rest most", or best recovering hours..

well I dont know about that beauty sleep, but if you get your needed hours of sleep, you will look strong, healthy, happy.. and that can be the "glow" you are talking about.. tired people arnt as "atractive" as people who arn't..
So, normal sleep is 7-8 hrs for adults and 9-11 hrs for kids and teens.

Lots of people say they get by just fine with less, but several long term sleep studies have shown that even when you feel "fine" with less your health and mental acuity suffer, as well as longevity.

As for why sleep is good for you, that's still up in the air. A few things are clear though: sleep helps mental function (probably by allowing the brain time to rewire the cortex and catch up with all the biochemical tasks of the day); sleep helps maintenance of your circadian rhythms, which influence certain hormones like cortisol (which impacts the appearance of your body and skin); those circadian rhythms also affect growth hormone, which helps kids grow but also is vital to cellular repair (which may be the truest source of beauty derived from sleep).
I knew there was something behind sleep! Besides the obvious benefits of how great you feel when you wake up, I've seen people all around me that always look tired and weary from lack of sleep. These same people are the ones that look 5 years older than they are!
Wow I sleep at a lot less, 5-6 hours on school days. I feel very cranky sometimes and I want to literally cry for anything.
guess we should be teens for ever huh? Smile sleeping 12 hours w/o a problem! hehe naa but you explained some good things there Benjmd, some things I knew, and others I didnt (might depend om my lack of english knowledge tho ^^ )

Anyways, problem today is all stress, it's rly hard to relax and get the needed hours of sleep.. I start my day at 6 in the morning.. I come home from work at 16.30 or around that.. try to relax for like an hour, then starting my other "job", as a designer, just something I do for extra cash, anyawys.. i try to shut down my computer at 23.00 latest.. not always duable tho... might be in the middle of something.. and even if I dont design for a few days, it's still hard to find "time" always feel that there is so much that you should do and aaaah.. I wanna go back to sleep right now!
Sleep?? Who has time to sleep?? I am lucky if I get 5 hours a night. When it catches up with me, I sleep for 2 days to catch up. I have trouble sleeping, I can be exhausted and still unable to sleep.
I absolutely absolutely need it! Without 10 hours of sleep i think i'm non-functional or at least not working at 100% efficiency. Now without naps in addition to that, it's hard! my eyes start smarting and they get awfully dry as well. Well, I love sleep least to say. If i didn't work i'd be on it this moment!.
I'm also the type who needs lots of sleep. I like to get ten hours of sleep, but with my schedule and classes I'm usually sleeping six hours or so on the weekdays.
benjmd wrote:

sleep helps maintenance of your circadian rhythms, which influence certain hormones like cortisol (which impacts the appearance of your body and skin)

I've been breaking out for the past few weeks, and I just realized that this is due to lack of sleep. My semester is about to end, and frankly, I've been slacking off--thus I'm now getting around 8-9 hours of sleep and this has cleared up my problematic acne.

We all react differently to lack of sleep [for my case, I break out].

I also heard that if you get at least 7 hours of sleep each night, an hour would be added into your lifespan. Laughing
I don't think there are detailed or concrete evidence that can say as a normal adult, we should sleep only around 5 hours per day..
Sounds really lame to me..I think no matter how long do we sleep, what matters the most is how can we achieve a quality matter how many hours..
Most people say you have to sleep like 8 hours to stay healthy, but I personally need more sleep than that.. especially on the weekends at least 10 hours Wink
Someone was saying 9-11 hours for teens? That's ridiculous! I get about 5-6. I always have and always will. If I sleep any longer than that I feel like I've wasted the day away... 9-11 hours is way to long to lay down doing nothing productive...
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