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Not so cute babies

Being a parent of a new baby, I can't help but feel that my little boy is unbelievably cute. He really is! And I'm sure every parent has this natural bias towards their baby. But let's face it, we don't live in a perfect world where everyone looks like Brad Pitt and Rachel McAdams. There are some ugly people in the world.

Out of politeness and protocol, whenever we see a baby, whether it be a friend's baby, neighbor's baby, or co-workers baby, we always tell the parent how cute their child is. No matter WHAT we really think.

So I'm wondering, has anyone ever told a parent that they have an ugly kid?
I think your right. Even if a baby had a conjoined fetus attached to it's head (ala South Park) most of us would be telling the parents what a cute kid they have (while struggling to control the vomit reflex).

It's just the way things are. I have seen a few ugly kids in my time and when I quietly confided to my wife how ugly the kid is she got angry with me, so I guess women (at least my wife) are more susseptable to the "cute baby" syndrom.

What makes it more confusing is the fact that if ou saw an adult who's face looked exactly like a babys (I'm not talking the thearetical "baby face" here) then you might just find yourself compelled to cross to the other side of the street to avoid them.

Kinda makes you think.....
I havn't seen many babys in my life, but the ones I have seen is either okay or just to cute Razz I have a brother now, he's two moths and just so cute. Why I think he is cute is that he is fat, and I think that babys that is skinny can be ugly.
well, tbh my cousine wasn't very cute when she was born, very skinny and pale.. not the pale that babies usualy are.. but almost white as a paper.. she was born to early tho.. but still wasnt cute by looks..

BUT she was my cousine.. made me feel diferent.. just now.. when she is ehm 7 years old.. that I looked on some old photografs and remembered that she was a kinda ugly child.. cute as a little angel now tho Very Happy
=P I totally agree with what you said. I personally think there are a lot of ugly babies out there (don't kill me ><). But I wasn't rude to the point of saying they are ugly, I'd just refrain from making a comment, and try to steer the conversation onto who they look like instead XD.

But, there have been 2 cases where I genuinely felt that a baby I saw was cute. One was in the case of one of my supervisors at my old summer part-time and his son. The boy was so cute >< I was afraid to touch him cause I was afraid to hurt him (I have long nails). Then the second time was in a shoe store, I was just sitting there when a woman with a stroller walked by, and i just blurted out "XDD awww that's such a cute baby!" I even surprised myself since I never figured myself to be much of a baby gusher >.>;

I do know someone who's told a mother her baby was dad >.>. *sobs* Because I was a big baby, and grew bones instead of fat, so right after birth I was supposably...pretty bad...>.>; *sighs* But I grew up to be pretty good =P So, how someone looks at birth has no bearings on how they'll turn out <3
Oh god, I have seen some ugly babies in my time... one was my step mother's nephew who was just plain ugly.... fat, with a porcine like nose and the biggest ears this side of an African Elephant Park.. plus he was just a nastly little bu**er that would tantrum at the earliest opportunity to get his own way, bite and kick and scream.. and I remember that being the case even when we was VERY young...

I haven't seen him for a few years, but going by how his mum and dad looked I am guessing it won't have changed much.....

Not that they were, but as someone in a movie once said (if anyone can tell me which it is I will be eternally grateful!) "You're the reason why marrying your cousin is illegal"

Someone said earlier that their wife had chided them for saying someone's baby was ugly.. I agree completely.. but I think that is because women (of childbearing age) have a natural instinct to see beauty in all babies.. PLUS I think, while they can see it is ugly themselves they think by saying so will in some way curse any future fruits of their loins...

Going back to "pig baby" (as he was known between my father and me (away from close relatives ears), some are born ugly because of parents and genes, you can't get away with that... but some are just unlucky as well.. I remember a friends baby having an almost conical head from being dragged out with foreceps... you could see that one day it was going to be ok and that the elongated forehead would settle in time, so in that case it was a (small and not too cruel) joking matter that even the parents would join in with.. but these instances are few and far between....

OK, there will always be cases of abnormality, birth defects and disfigurements that have nothing to do with how the parents look but other problems and in those cases we, as a society look past those and find focus on how lucky the parents are to have a baby at all.. these are the times when it is not acceptable to say a baby is ugly..

But when it is fat, (as most seem to be) looks like a pig, small monkey or something you would expect to find inside a genetics research lab then you can say it.. and say it loud... just do it behind your missus back and when the parents are out of earshot....
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