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Best Prank Call Methods

Over the last few day's I've heard some great prank phone calls on the radio and found some good ones online, like this girl from Dublin, Ireland; she is only 8 and does prank calls for a radio station up there. Listen to these; they are hilarious:

Now I have also wanted to do some prank calls myself, and have found some great online ways to do them; so read on! This has taken a few weeks to compile, yes I do have a life!

Now this one is just stupid, but is good if you want to get out of a meeting or want to mess with a buddy. All you do is enter a phone number in, and click how many times you want for it to call, lets say 2. Once you click CALL, it will ring instantly and when you pick it up, it will go 1-2-3-4-5 and then it hangs up.... Stupid but its freaky for those who you are trying to mess with.

This site is a little more advanced in the since you can enter in something you want for the phone call to say, and it will say it. The best thing is you can edit what the Caller ID Name and Number says. This sometimes does not work though, but when it does; its a great resource!

Now this is a good site in the sense that you can set the date and time you want it to call; so if you have a meeting or a get together that you want to get out of for a few minutes, this is the way to go. You enter the phone # in and then select 1 of 7 prerecorded messages and then click okay. And when the time you set has come, it will ring!

----caution on this one----
Now this relay service is supposed to be for the blind, deaf, etc; but its 'sadly' an easy way to prank someone. For this to work, you enter a phone number in and an operator calls it for you.
All you do is sit back and type your messages why the operator relays them for you. Now the pranks come in this situation because you can write anything and everything, and everything will be said.

I don't think using #4 is the best thing to do, considering 1-3 are pretty good in themselves; but if you want to top it off, I guess using it would be alright... you would be abusing it, but most people already do.

ps: this took me an hour to write up, i think i could use like 10 points for it lol, instead of just 4!
Look at the bright side, if you had posted this in the correct forum (Jokes), you would have earned no points.

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October 17, 2011
Best Prank ever !
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