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Tips please


Hey iv redesigned my site iv got a few more fixes to make such as add wide screen compatible and eventually make it supportable for fire fox.

Please give me some tips on my site you will need to use internet explorer:
Sorry, but some links lead to other areas on my Computer ect, please do change everything around not be harsh.
vaughands wrote:
Sorry, but some links lead to other areas on my Computer ect, please do change everything around not be harsh.

how does it do that then its fine on at least 8 other computers you was using internet explorer right and NOT firefox
I hate to say it Andrew but your site looks really awful and noobish, but that's okay because everyone starts that way. Anyone that get's it right the first time had a lot of help.

It's really hard to pick a place to start and some screen shots would really help illustrate this better for you. I'm sure it looks fine from your computer but from mine (actually I'm on my wifes right now which is windows XP and the Opera browser [it's bad form to design solely for Explorer, lot's of folks simply don't use it except as a last resort]).

Let's start with Vaughands complaint. your link addresses look like this;
. It looks like you forgot to make the links so they went to a page on your web site instead of a place on your computer (if your using you frihost site as a gateway to a server on your computer I think that's against the rules). Your link address should look something like this;
to work on your website.

Not everything on your page lines up properly. There's a Google search hanging out the left side of your gui graphic (which repeats, making it look noobish), a Google ad box stuck dead center of your gui graphic )instead of being in the box you provided it) cutting off the left side of those orange boxes on the right side. Your shoutbox is also floating off in the middle (beneath the green box) instead of being in it's box. The text in the green box and some of your links are hard to read, looks like you tried some kind of semi transparent effect that went horribly wrong. In your links box the is a team sodmec graphic that might be in the right place (though it looks stretched) but looks wrong because it's floating over the Google ad that's in the wrong place.

Anyway, that's most of what I see wrong with your site (there may be more but those are the obvious ones, I didn't bother to actually validate your code). It looked like you had a good solid concept in mind but poor execution.

Now how to fix it. I suggest you heck out this link: and this one Using this technique you can create boxes with the content nested within them instead of trying to position content over them. It will work cross browser (well except for lesser versions of IE which is standard for just about anything compliant).
im going to re do the whole site during august the reason you see a streched team sodmec and a differnt link is because your viewing it in another type of browser i created this site in front page which needs internet explorer to operate
andy26 wrote:
i created this site in front page which needs internet explorer to operate

This strikes me as a really strange thing to do. Look at the Frihost user's official browser thread - by designing a site specifically for IE users, you would be turning away over 83% of potential visitors to your site from Frihost.

Just a thought... Wink
how do i get it to work with all browsers anyway. i think i know but have no idea how to code it
andy26 wrote:
how do i get it to work with all browsers anyway. i think i know but have no idea how to code it

Well let's see. Now I'm looking at your code and the first bit of evil I see is right above your head tag:
<html xmlns:v="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" xmlns:o="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" xmlns="">
This is the mark of The Beast and must be exercised. It should be replaced by a mark of Goodness and light like so:
"-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
This is a fine way for a beginner to start since it is a kind and forgiving doc type that is not strict.

I'm sure you have seen it here in the forums lots of times but W3C Schools is your friend. They will teach you much about good and rightous coding at They will teach you everything you need to know and even certify you which transltes into real job skills (mad coding skillz come later with experiance. What's more you won't need wonky software like FrontPage really good coders can write out entire websites on a bar napkin then later copy it in a text editor, save it as .html and it's a web page). Besides that it is really easy to do.

If you don't want to do that, then my only other suggestion is to not use FrontPage anymore and use a complient WYSIWYG editor. A good free one is NVU It comes with tutorials and will turn out some nice code (I admit that I prefer a straight up HTML editor but if NVU was around when I started this mad web journey I would have started with that program).

I'm pretty sure when you get started right you'll be just fine. You should have seen my first website. All tables layout (that's why I cringe when people mention tables), every page a different background and javascript cursor trick done with a free WYSIWYG editor called Web Dwarf or something like that, which turned out some really awful markup.
Your already a few miles ahead of me from that time. Don't want you to think I'm picking on you, it's just that I remember what it's like starting out (really wasn't that long ago, maybe 3 years). Soon as I get my redesign up I'll let you know so you can pick at it.
first look in opera with win XP (was what I had up for the moment) and it looked so wrong.. so I checked in IE6.. and ok, your boxes did fall into their right positions, but nothin more then that.. it's so over designed, to me it looks like a 10 year old mixing with all colors and borders that can possibly be done... it's rly ugly.. sry to say that...

Anyways.. start of with some tutorials, read guids etc.. to learn the basics in html.. kinda obvious that you dont have a clue how to do stuff.. then do the same with photoshop or whatever designprogram you chose to work with..

most good sites are like 10% photoshop/design.. and 90% code.. styling stuff with css.. makes it more clean and often looks better too.. use dreamweaver or notepad to write ur page in..

good luck!

With all due respect, your color coordination is off. I would change the green box to another color (like maybe make it the same yellow ochre color as the other boxes. The blue and the yellow ochre (or orange, however you wanna call it) are fine but the green blows everything out of the water. Also, web design is moving away from 3D bumpmap effects and more into flat clean designs.

Did you make this design from scratch or did you modify a template you found somewheres on the net?


Aw yuck, I just navigated away and noticed something else. I would lose that cheesy page transition effect. That is so last century.
i have now updated my site i used NVU its much better iv currently only done the home page im planing to the rest by summer break.

yay my site now works in all browsers
Just looked at the source code for your homepage.
Did you know that it is about 850 lines long? Not sure if this is a standard thing that NVU doies but it seems a little strange?

Also your background graphic is tiled (at least horizontally) which means I can see another 2 boxes that I shouldn't and my resolution is not high (1280 x 960) and if I had more than a 17" monitor then it'd be even higher and then I'd see even more of your boxes.

On the Rental page the banner ad is centred yet the background picture is not which means the banner overlaps the box its meant to be in.

Another thing which might have been covered before is that the page width is determined by the content and not by the image you are using as a background.
What this means that if you are on a small screen (try resizing the window smaller and you'll see) then you lose the right hand side of your box images.

Your Movies page has no top navigation menu and the buttons you have for selecting movies look at first to be navigational. Then when you click on a movie the layout is all different (looks like a Frontpage template) and the graphics now seem out of place. When you click on a game there is also a similar lack of continuity.

Anyway - hope some of that helps - I'm afraid I have not got my own offering yet for you to pull holes in.

Good job on the recoding of your index page Andy. Getting it to work cross browser is a good and important first step. I noticed you also fixed your links. It means your learning. Now, between now and August I challenge you to think of ways to make your site better. The folks here are quite willing to help now, don't start feeling bullied, they are trying to help you reach a higher standard. Just take it slow. Pick and choose your improvements. If someone makes a suggestion that you want to look into but don't know how to implement then go ahead and PM those folks and ask for a tutorial.

As for the use of Nvu, there are a few problems with it. No WYSIWYG editor is absolutely perfect. One thing I noticed about Nvu is that it used a lot of inline styles (that could be just my experiance since I never fonished a site in Nvu (I use Bluefish editor). At any rate Nvu is easy and better then Front Page.

You might not be quite there yet but your progressing and doing a good job.
{name here}
The link above should help you with what you should do and shouldn't do.

Your code is overly spaced. It doesn't have a doctype. It uses attributes that can be replaced with CSS. Try to use divs more than tables.
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