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How Do You Make A Website

Seriously how do i make a website i have no idea how to do it
Er, you will need to provide more detail than that. That question is the same as asking "What would be considered food?"

Anyway, before you go about finding out how to make a site, try to figure out what you want the site to be about first. From there, you'd be able to know what you need, and then come back and ask if you have any questions about something more specific.

For starters though, is a nice place to go to for some tutorials.
First off you make your five quality posts with 10 points. Then you go to the Account page and fill in the feilds. Then if an account creator accepts it then you will have DirectAdmin. You can then login to DirectAdmin via and filling in your username and password. After that you can find a template if you want by simply searching google for "Free web Templates" or something of the sort. Then you can login to your ftp program or just use IE and type in and then it will ask your username and password again. Well fill that in. Then under that find the public_html folder. Click on that to open it. Then drag the template folder which should be a zip folder and put it in the public_html folder. After that go to DirectAdmin and click to extract it. Then you got a template installed and you can learn how to code a website like that. Just let me know if you need more help.
After creating a account (read FAQ), read the rules and play by them, then as per your wish and in conformance with frihost rules, install a script (legal) or put your own html pages and show the entire world your site!

You can get sites done for you in the marketplace section
Well what was said above is all correct, about think what you want the site for frist and also get your hosting.Then you need to deside will you do it yourself or pay for it to be done. To do a basic website you need to know html and abit of CSS . These are easy to learn and will only take you about a week or 2 to get really good understanding of them. Then if you would like to advance your site I would recommand learning , javascript , php and mySQL , but lets just keep it smile for now.
Can anybody tell me how to make a good website step by step from the begining after having account. I will be thankful for that.
google for how to learn it, there are hundreds of lessons, or get a book, like html for dummies, then learn css.
looks like he posted that for points.

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