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NFL Draft

Everywhere I read Calvin Johnson is considered one of the top, if not the premier prospect in this month’s NFL Draft. And why wouldn’t he be? Calvin Johnson possesses that rare combination of size, speed & strength that true #1 WRs have. There are #1’s and there are compliment receivers, he’s the former! The NFL is loaded with pretenders, guys who catch a lot of balls and because of that are granted #1 status. Two of the more glaring examples would be Donald Driver and Santana Moss. Neither player is the whole package but the talking heads tell us they have the right mindset to play in this league. That is course, complete rubbish. They’re made players, plain and simple.

Driver, for instance, was nearly the last player chosen in the ’99 draft, and for good reason. He’s small, lacks strength and though he’s a small receiver, he’s more of a long strider, and those type have big problems cutting clean out of their breaks. These same guys, probably more so Santana Moss are huge liabilities when you want to run the football, these smurf receivers can’t block for ya. They’re situational players, I wouldn’t consider either of them any better than a slot rec’r.

I recently watched a video at youtube that demonstrates Johnson possessing considerable body control and great hands, as he broke off his route to reach behind himself to snare the football with one hand! I’ve read that Johnson has a great work ethic, makes everyone around him better and yet, is very unassuming. I hope that he rejects being drafted by a team that he’d just as soon not play for, like the Raiders. I hope when they scout him he tells them he’s not interested in playing for them!
I recently read an article by John Murphy and he’s really high on Calvin Johnson, saying that pound for pound he’s probably the best athlete in the 2007 draft. I watched some of the Combine and he just explodes off the line. Johnson isn’t just fast, he’s a real quick wide receiver! Accordingly, he has exceptional leaping ability as well. Ironically, Murphy then later states that Johnson has trouble out-jumping defenders for the football. Apparently, Murphy attributes this to Johnson’s need to improve his ability to locate the football. Sounds like filler to me, what sense does it make? None!

Murphy likes Johnson’s ability to separate from defenders, though I’m not so sure that’s real important in the NFL. I don’t know what the percentage would be, but when I watch these dramatizations, I see the guy who catches the ball is usually the guy who’s just running through the coverage unabated. Not every catch of course, but a lot of them. Probably 50%, another 40% of them are covered, but it’s real loose coverage. The other 10% of the time, the rec’r is pretty well covered but the QB throws it anyway. Here’s what I like, this is a quote from Murphy’s article:
He does not allow defenders to get into his body or use their hands to knock him off routes.
Wow, now that’s a #1 wideout! A tough defender comes up and wants to disrupt the timing of the route or just knock the WR off the route all together and Johnson possesses the strength and technique to burn the fool who’s looking to be his tool. Here’s another quote you gotta love:
He's a good all-around talent as he … was able to cut-block defenders with the best of them in college.
So, we need to run the football, how does Calvin Johnson help us do that? The guy blocks!! See, that’s what a REAL #1 does for your team! When they jam him and given the corner support over the top and try to squeeze the QB at the same time, what’s Johnson going to do for ya? He’s a big target, he’s going to come across the middle, catch the football, stuff his free hand down some linebacker’s throat and keep going! Unlike Santana Loss or Donald Diver, this kid is the whole deal!

Another scout I’ve recently read says;
Johnson could possibly be the single-best prospect in several years, not just as at WR but among all draft prospects period. Yes, better than Reggie Bush. Yes, better than Vince Young. Johnson has a very realistic shot at being taken #1 overall, and it will be simply shocking if he slips out of the top three.

Holy smoke! This kid can't waste away on the Raiders, I mean c'mon. 'Cuse me while I say a little prayer ... Dear Football Gods, please don't red light Calvin Johnson, don't send him to Al "I'm an Ol fart gangsta from way back" Davis just to waste away out on the west coast. Let him go to some team that could really use him, say, for instance, the Washington Redskins, who should change their name to the D.C. Bluecoats! Thanks for listening to me...Amen
Dear Football Gods, may I ask please that you allow Calvin Johnson to tell Al Davis, or the Bucs, or whoever, that he refuses to play for them and wants only to hook up with Jason Campbell in Washington! C’mon, what an awesome combo that would be! What team would Johnson have the greatest impact on? That’s right, the Redskins! Campbell has a cannon and loves heaving the football deep!
I hope the Redskins do whatever it takes to get Calvin Johnson, wow, look out for them if they get him! If Campbell is going to develop the Redskins need more than Santana Loss and Chris “I’m an unemployed clown looking for the circus” Cukey for receivers. Campbell will be able to do a lot but not everything; he’s not Michael Vick. Here’s more on Calvin Johnson:

Johnson is simply an incredible prospect at the wide receiver position. He's Larry Fitzgerald, only faster and, if you can believe it, better in all fields. Has the rare ability among WRs to make an entire offense better, a skill usually only seen in QBs and some RBs. Johnson possesses the softest hands I have ever seen on a big, fast receiver. And oh my is he fast and big. He will dominate many corners in the NFL with his size alone, and his speed and incredible vertical leap (rumored to be north of 47”) will only make life harder for them.

Not many. His downfield blocking leaves something to be desired, but so does the downfield blocking of most receivers. Sometimes loses his concentration, but that rarely happens outside of his team having a big lead.
Sorry, I've forced Jon Gruden to draft Calvin Johnson if he's available.

Calvin Johnson had an 11-foot, 7-inch broad jump at his Pro Day.
"That's the best broad jump I can ever remember an NFL prospect having," draft guru Gil Brandt writes. Johnson, who stood on his 4.35 forty, had a 42.5-inch vertical and reportedly looked great in receiving drills.

Although, Twisted Evil it seems the Raiders are very serious in considerations in drafting him.

"Pretty solid sources" in the Raiders' organization reportedly say Calvin Johnson is atop the club's draft board by "a clear-cut margin."
This comes from ESPN's Len Pasquarelli; ESPN's Chris Mortensen said the same in a recent online chat. Pasquarelli contends the bigger debate is whether JaMarcus Russell or Brady Quinn is the top QB prospect.
hey rontheTVregurgiatatah,

what if the "unassuming" Calvin Johnson wants to hook up on the east side with Jason "we're going" Campbell?... I'm a bit confused...your QB is who?....ha-ha
Oh I see, you're a buc fan or some $#!+... The Raiders had Randy Moss, but they need some other WR?... ha-ha ... They don't have a QB, can't protect the QB but they want Calvin Johnson? lmao
Oh I see, you're a buc fan or some $#!+... The Raiders had Randy Moss, but they need some other WR?... ha-ha ... They don't have a QB, can't protect the QB but they want Calvin Johnson? lmao
The Bucs are going places with the 6' Chris Simms and the 6' Bruce Gradkowski ... OMG are you serious? ... Calvin Johnson belongs in Washington... No, you're right, Calvin Johnson is concerned whether he can handle the mustard from these two way!! Hopefully the Redskins give Oakland the kitchen sink...they have Brunell, the 6th pick, whatever else the Raiders want...

actually, that doesn't make much sense...but...oh well
Calvin Johnson is arguably the best player in the draft, but he won't be number one. The Raiders need offensive line help, but they also need a QB, and JaMarcus Russell will be the number one pick.
Don't forget about Adrian Peterson.......a great running back that will be a very productive pro.....the guy has speed and seems to live to run over defenders. Of course the Raiders have the #1 pick but I think they would be better served trading the pick for multiple players/picks. They may draft a great quarterback or wide receiver, but with their offensive line in shambles it won't really matter. They need to get some O line help first and that their other people have a chance to perform. Less than one week until the draft........YAY!!!
The draft had to have been disappointing for Redskin fans. With the sixth pick and Adrian Peterson still on the board the skins take a saftie. lol...That just simply doesn't happen...taking a saftie that high when a premier skill position player is available ... I mean, there's no explanation for it whatsoever. Some might say the skins didn't need a back, which is irrelevant! They took some undersized saftie who has some range, but has shown no proven cover ability, that's freakin insane!

My understanding is that the skins were trying to trade down, which is fine ... but when that doesn't work, Peterson is the player you choose, it's that simple! See, there's no comparison between a guy who's going to handle the football upwards of 30 times a game for you and a 6'0" saftie whose significance is directly linked to how poorly the front seven are playing. No just shouldn't see crap like that.
Ya, I can't believe they didn't take Peterson either. Especially because this was a VERY strong draft for safeties. There was literally 8 or 9 good safeties in this draft. They could have picked up a good one in the second round if they thought they needed a safety. You don't pass on a chance to pass up a stud RB. Mark my words, Peterson will be stud in the NFL, he has all the skills and he has one more thing I love......TOUGHNESS. He doesn't back down from defenders and loves to try and run them over....the guy is a player pure and simple.
I'm definately not saying they made a smart pick, but you can't say Peterson has that much TOUGHNESS, because he's been injured pretty seriously twice. Don't get me wrong, he's freaking amazing and would have been a great deal at that spot, I just like putting out a small counter statement.
Well, that is true that he has been injured, but some of that can be pure bad luck. No matter how tough a guy is, if he is hit wrong and blows his ACL he's not going to be able to play.

What I meant when I said he was tough, was that he likes to HIT people and he is a running back. He won't back down from a defensive player trying to lay a big hit on him, he will try and run the guy over! That's why I think he's a tough football player. Of course if he is injured again, none of that will matter as an injured player can't help your team on the field.
I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to the draft... I heard a top pick candidate wasn't picked until around the 20s though...
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