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Do you know Utada Hikaru?

Utada Hikaru is a japanese singer: she composes all her albums. I love her soft and beautiful voice and the nearly irreal music of hers.
I discovered her while playing Kingdom hearts: she sings the opening and the ending of those games.
My favorite songs are "passion" "be my last" and "final distance".
have you heard of her? Do you like her songs? I'd like to meet people who like her music!
I only know her for her music in Kingdom Hearts Smile
I also found out Utada Hikaru from Kingdom Hearts. After which I listened to her songs. First Love was an awesome hit by her and Can You Keep A Secret is pretty nice too. Simple And Clean, the soundtrack for Kingdom Hearts is pretty awesom too.
I know her~ I haven't played Kingdom Hearts though but I've definitely heard her music. I like her new song, Flavour of Life from Hana Yori Dango II. I also like Simple and Clean.
I've listened to her Kingdom Hearts songs, and a couple of others beyond that, and I can't honestly say that I've liked any of them. She does have a nice voice, just not my favorite type of music. I'd probably like it better if it didn't all sound so "typical" to me. The songs I've heard just aren't unique enough for my taste.
Although I know a little Japanese, but I don't like Japanese songs at all!
Love her to bits. I have one of her first albums and her voice is totally amazing.

My Utada fave song of all time is Kingdom Hearts. Smile
I'm a big fan of Japanese music. I like Utada Hikaru too. She really has a nice voice and great songs. Some of my favorites are Final Distance, Hikari, Simple and Clean, and Flavor of Life.
i loive utada hikau,i'm a big fan of her!
my favorite song of her is first love,it's so emotionnal & so amazing
I first heard of Utada when my cousin had me listen to her playing the violin a song called "Unchained Melody" (at least I think it was her that was playing). Then we listened to the song "First Love" <---such a beautiful song! (kind of strange when reading the translation in English) I love listening to her sing but I can also listen to the piano/instrumental of "First Love" for hours. It's definitely one of those songs I adore and can never tire listening to over and over and over.
She's a very versatile singer. She sings easily in either English or Japanese.
Easy Breezy is a great track and she looks hot in this video!
She also recently sang a ballad song for the popular japanese series titled Hana yori Dango. Very Happy
does she sing in japanese? do her songs sound oriental or western...? I loved the japanese songs on "kill bill" soundtrack. is she anything like them?
i know utada hikaru.. i love her 3 songs....and utada sometimes sings on the soundtracks of some games
nimo wrote:
does she sing in japanese? do her songs sound oriental or western...? I loved the japanese songs on "kill bill" soundtrack. is she anything like them?

Her songs aren't like that. She has her own brand of sound. XD
I'm a big fan of Utada Hikaru. I love her songs and brought them all from the first album. Smile
To tell the truth I found out about Utada Hiraku from Frihost forums. Passions was a recommended song so I gave it a listen and i liked it Smile
Never heard of..
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