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do u remember savage garden?

do you remember savage garden? it was my favorite group, i still love their music. I like truly madly deeply, gunning down romance, to the moon and back and crash and burn. The music and the lyrics are pretty good.
Even if the group disapeared, I still hope they will come back...
Yeah I have their first CD... I haven't heard anything about them in a long time though.
Savage Garden broke and Daren Hays went solo. ( I think so ) But I do like Savage Garden. Some of a few old titles would be I Want You, Universe, Truely Madly Deeply, I Knew I Loved You,etc. He has a nice vocal, but I guess he just moved on in life. =)
Yes, I do remember them but unfortunately duo went separate ways.. I love their songs to the moon and back, truly madly deeply and animal song.. Very Happy Very Happy
"Truly Madly Deeply" and "Crash and Burn" are two of my favorite songs of all time.

I love all of their songs but I think Affirmation is there best album. I love the music, lyrics, vocals, composition - just everything.

I never really got into Darren Hayes solo stuff like with "Insatiable" and such.
Great band and songs.
Hope this link doesn't crash this music site, but enjoy those songs again.
Absolute drivel.

So glad that I don't have to listen to them on the radio - oh wait, there's still Audioslave who are just as bad.
Audioslave is pretty bad. But Savage Garden is different and also from a different era. ( Pop era to be direct ) And in that era their band was awesome. And even now, I still do like their compositions and harmony. If you only care about rock and such, I suggest you to stop listening to music. Because true music listeners is opened to all music and is open minded about it. What's nice is nice, don't they it's not nice just cause it ain't cool.

Esperanto.. Grow up.
Oh no - I am fairly eclectic, if I were you I'd check my post at the "What's on your iPod" thread. You will clearly see that I appreciate music with artistic value, not neccessarily an effort to capitalize on the pop market. That is what I hold against Savage Garden and Audioslave, and the like.
One of my favourite bands, I wish they didnt split because they worked so well together and had alot of classic hits under their belts.
Yeah, they had a pretty good run. We don't really hear anything new from them lately.
Where are they anyway. I love their songs so much! For me, they are one of those groups that you would never tire of hearing their voices. Similar to the Corrs.
The whole 1997-2000 pop era held wonderful memories for me. Smile

I wasn't crazy about Savage Garden [a friend of mine was absolutley crazy over Daniel Jones], but hearing a few of their songs today brings back memories from the 1997+ years.

I have had fun with the fast pace of "I Want You," though.

Overall, they were a great group, but yeah, people have to move on to other things, eventually.
Ah, I used to love Savage Garden back in the day ... or at least their two most popular radio tunes (I Knew I Loved You and I can't remember the other name). I think they still play those songs, albeit on the soft rock stations.
I think that group got to the best that they could ever get to, to produce something better than crash and burn, and truely maddly deeply was to high for them, It happens to the best, sometimes when you start with something too good, it's quite hard to cross over it.

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