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impressions, mexico

I have spent just under 4 months in mexico, baja mostly. And i would like to relate some of the things that have made an impression on me. Why? I would like to relate what i have learned to others, but also my trip here (with limited internet access) has left my account here on the brink of closure.
So where to start? I suppest the greatest impression i have of here is the government dosent have their fingers in every little aspect of your life. This can be either good or bad, depending on the point of view. For instance, you can build a fire damn near anywhere you please, on the side walk if you like, where you can enjoy the company of many free roaming dogs, for dogs are as free as children here. You could bring out a boom box and play your favoirite music at 3am for there is no noise laws (infact many cars drive around with external speakers blairing advertizments). If you get bored with your fire you can go buy a beer, but dont forget the empty bottle you have because it can nearly cut the price of your beer in half. Now that is recycling, just reuse the same bottle. If you have wares you would like to see but cant afford a shop their is no problem. You can sell them out of a car or on the street no problem.
Well, i have much more. Im sure many of you know all this but i would just like to know what you guys think. Good, bad?
Sounds really lawless. I've been to some countries in the South-East Asia region such as Thailand, Cambodia, and Indonesia and they are a bit like what you said. It is really a far cry from what Australia is like. I got a bit of a cultural shock when I came here. I guess that is how some 3rd world countries are.
I live in California in a border town, so I've been to Mexico a lot, in fact I used to live there and I have family over there. I actually don't like their Government at all, sure you may have a lot of freedom. Playing loud music at 3am? Wow, some people have jobs and they need to sleep. Sure, it's cool but not very beneficial for your community.

As far as dogs roaming the streets, I was chased by a pit bull in Mexico. I could have died. Most dogs are nice though.

Ahh and the police, I love them so much (sarcasm). They stopped my brother, and the cop said, "Give me your watch and I'll let you go". My friends were also stopped and they paid the cop $50 and the cop let them go.

Strip clubs, I was 14 when my friends tricked me into going to Mexico to 'eat tacos', they forgot the mention the type of tacos we were going to eat. They actually took me into a strip club and we could pay the security guards $10 to let us in (we didn't though because we were too cheap). Yeah 14 isn't that young, but they can also let in 10 year olds.

Mexico is super corrupt. I love the culture though.

EDIT: My sister also lived in a gated community with security guards, and somehow burglars always broke into houses. Something smells fishy.
I think peoples opinions on Mexico depends on your personality. Yea, you can do almost anything in Mexico, but you also don't have all the amenities that you have in more developed countries. I have been to Monterrey Mexico twice, I had a great time but seeing all the poor people in there shacks was very disheartening. Monterrey is a mountainous, and hilly region. Every little hill was just completely covered with little shacks that were people houses. Peoples storage sheds here in the US are more elaborate and better built then the "houses" most people live in Monterrey. I also can't stand the non stop honking of horns. Like honking will get you any where, but they still do it.
Its a beautiful country but the huge social differences are disgusting. You could be in one section of town, with little shacks, and then the next second you'd be in another section with huge mansions surrounded by huge walls with glass and razor wire on top, to keep the "common" folk out. When I think of what medieval Europe looked like with its societal hierarchy I think of Mexico. You can go to the open air market, and buy stuff for next to nothing, and yet you can also go to the mall, where things cost just as much as they do in the US.
Hobbit wrote:
Ahh and the police, I love them so much (sarcasm). They stopped my brother, and the cop said, "Give me your watch and I'll let you go". My friends were also stopped and they paid the cop $50 and the cop let them go.

Yeah..I can relate to that. It was a long time ago, but I got into some serious trouble down there. A couple of local cops were shaking me and some friends down and it really got of hand. If I hadn't had friends with the Federal Police, I doubt we would have gotten out.

But despite that one incident, I love the country. Most of the people I met there were friendly and pretty good natured about my hideous Spanish. If I can talk my wife into, I'd like to retire there.
My impression of south america in general is based only on second and third hand information as I've never visited but I get the impression that people are considerably more sdocialistically mindeed and organised to work with eachother than in briatin or the USA
It's beautiful
I've never been to Mexico except to a resort and I thought it was gorgeous. I think mexico has its good sides and bad sides like all countries.
Yeah, the local level corruption is pretty bad to be sure. The entire time i was there i never had a run in with the police when i was by my self. A few times, in a group, we were stopped and we paid a small bribe. Other times we talked our way out of it. But we were never stopped of a legitimate reason in the first place. The trash problem out there is another negative for me also. The place was so trashed after semana santa. But i was told that the cleanup efforts are way better now then they have been in the past.
Even more of an eye sore then the trash is all the new norte development, and los gringos borrachos. Now an argument for that is it brings in money, but if you follow that money it mostly ends up in the same place. Near all the hotels are gringo owned, so we know where that money goes. Same with the bars and clubs. Food and suvinear junk are the only markets the common people can break into.
Iv been going to mexico for a wile and every time i have to go deeper and deeper to find the culture i crave.
Build a wall.. come on look at what many california drivers license look like now!!

A wall might just do the trick. But who do you think is going to build it? Or maybe they should be able to pass freely, sense they are only immigrating to get the wage US exploitation denies them.
Just to put my views into perspective, i live in a town that receives hate mail, from around the country, because we "cater" to immigrants.
Yeah you are right pretty much... I got the same impressions being there...
The main problem in Mexico is the social differences, the people with more money (few people) no way they want the main population (poor people) leave that poverty either studying or working. They just dont care even with comments about our country like the ones here. They live fine and dont want to lose that, the main example of that are the past President elections where the peoples candidate won the elections but, people in power didnt want him to get power and made fraud (yeah everybody knows that but people know is the way the country works) so conservatist candidate got power again.
A relative to PAN candidate Felipe Calderon controlled the votes counting system so it was not hard to declare him President.
PRD candidate Andres Lopez Obrador (peoples candidate) declared it was a fraud and started a Goverment altern to oficial goverment.
This has past 2 times in the last 20 years.
Mexico has 60 million poor people (105 million all country), the other people is not Rich or something theyre just not extreme poor, yeah and some few retain all countrys money.
I think thats the main problem in Mexico, and no im not a political analyst is just the way i see my country.
When I think of what medieval Europe looked like with its societal hierarchy I think of Mexico

I also think of that.
Thats all true. And you can say the exact same thing about the united states. What happened in the mexican election was an exact repeat of our 2000 elections here in the estados unidos. The same is also true with the class war here in general. People tend to use their power to gain more power.
et-configs wrote:
Build a wall.. come on look at what many california drivers license look like now!!


Lol thats a good Id card. But happily we dont look like him. But its funny. Maybe we used to wear like that 80 years ago. Right now we look like YOU! more scary right ? Laughing
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