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Detective Conan/Case Closed questions

Hey Detective Conan is great, but where can I buy or watch episodes for the show? Sure there are some english dubbed Detective Conan/Case Closed DVD's from Funimation, but they are so far behind the original Japanse ones. Any ideas where to look for the original Japanese ones with subtitles? Also, when is the latest DC movie coming out and does anyone know what it's about? And what's with the horrible dubbing for Kogoro Mouri/Richard Moore's voice in english?
and finally, when is Ran going to find out about Conan/Shinichi (or when will the series end)? What's the deal with the Black Organization? Even at episode 400+ they still barely talk about the org much.
Um... Funimation is really cool and they make their anime DVDs bilingual, meaning they have the original Japanese w/ English Subtitles and English Dubbed. I'm sure most torrent sites have already taken it down because it's been licensed for a long time (if you're really desperate, I'm sure that some fan dubs are still circulated in the depths of the file sharing software madness.) Sad to say, I don't know much about the future of Detective Conan, I only watched it while they showed it on Adult Swim, but it's an awesome anime.
(On one more note, I think you might be able to find Hong Kong subs on ebay or something.)
What I mean about the Funimation DVD's is that they are only up to maybe episode 170 maybe up to episode 200, but current episodes in Japanese are up to episode 468 or something. I know Case Closed (the english dub of DC) is licensed here in the states, but I don't know if the Japanese Detective Conan is licensed here yet, so it should be possible to watch it somewhere. I just don't know where, aside from Not sure where to find the Japanese episodes (with subs) on DVD either.
Case Closed will probably never end and Funimation releases volumes with 4 or 5 episodes on them. If you want to see more episodes your best bet would be torrents. There is also a movie released every season so you can also check those out. Google "case closed torrents" and you might find something.
but they take forever to downloads
Detective Conan is great - very great... I like Shinichi... He's cute too (Blushes) But too bad somebody made him YOUNGER... T_T

I like to watch Detective Conan every 10 am in weekdays but now I'm in school so I don't get to watch it anymore...

All I know is that the Episodes may be bought in any Comic Stores like "Comic Alley", and many more. Smile
x7community wrote:
but they take forever to downloads

They usually don't. Depend on your internet connection and how many seeders there are. No point in watching old episodes anyway unless you love Case Close that much. It has no ending so your just seeing case after case. The cases are always good though and I don't think I ever figured out who the culprit was in any episode.
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