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Better than botox but safer

I have seen top models using a cream for haemorrhoids on theri faces, especially to have their wrinkles, shadows under their eyes and eyes' sockets disappear!
The effect just lasts 24 hrs, but is incredible!

It works because it's a vasoconstrictor, easy ins't it?


don't say to anybody
umm i don't think so, it might, but how is it so "easy? and how come his forum is about hemorphages, what are those anyway? I'm a new member so don't worry, but whats hempphages? and what does it do?
As for vasoconstrictor, I've never heard of using that for wrinkle fighting o.0. as the name suggests, it tightens the blood vassals and cures inflammation, I don't see how that could help make wrinkles disappear (dark eye sockets, at least, would make sense). >.> And hemorrhoid cream on the face? Eww. Where did you find this information? <.< Care to show us the source? Otherwise, I'd be inclined to think you are just messing with us.

Anyway, there are some true Botox alternatives such as things containing Acetyl Hexapeptide - AH3 (Argireline).

It and other similar ingredients just work by relaxing the facial muscle, thus erasing some of the effect of wrinkles a bit temporarily.
And Rwoodx, are you talking about "hemorrhages"? That is the technical name for bleeding. What does that haven to do with what he was saying? I'm so confused...
Actually the haemorrhoid cream under the eyes trick has probably been around almost as long as haemorrhoid cream. It doesn't always work on dark circles, but it does wonders for bags and puffiness. I know, because I've done it. A drag queen told me about it, LOL.
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