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I'm 15 and want a job any sujestions on where to look?

I'm 15 and want a job any sujestions on where to look? I've tried most of the main job site but all the part time jobs that are only on the weekend as I obviously can't miss school are in bars or restrautes where you need to be over 18 as it involes serving alcohol. Please help!
At 15, it is a bit difficult to land a part-time job.... I was in such a situation once (I was 17 then).

I had one thing going for me, I was a really fast (and good) typist. So I tried a DTP firm. Once they tried me out and found that I was as good as I said, they started giving me papers to type up at home. I was paid by word-count, so I often stayed up till morning finishing documents. It got me through college, and more importantly, it taught me a certain work culture which is with me still. And of course, my typing got even faster Very Happy

Anyways, I hope you find a job soon. I've no suggestions for you, but I sort-of 'know' the situation you are in, so - good luck to you.
hmm paper jobs, deleiver newspaper maybe, and i dont know where u come from, but u can also look in the news papers for small jobs like :

-clean up gardens
-wash cars
-go to the store for old ppls(maybe i get some cash)

but where do i live??
Freelancing is a great way to start your carrer. most teens your age like to deliver papers and moe lawns. when i was 15 i got a job as a janitor for a flower shop. i only worked one day per week but it was a good starting point. you could look for similar jobs.
Start a blog or forum and pull in some adsense money.
I think at your age the best jobs you can get are things like delivering newspapers and maybe ( if you are good at some classes in school ) private tutoring.
I'm 17 and just got a fulltime job at a factory for a couple of weeks during my summer break. That's a great way to make quite a lot of money. Of course you have to sacrifice your holidays for it Wink
15 yeah... it's going to be difficult finding a job. At that age I worked in an Ice Cream shop (that is the closest to "fast food" I am ever going to be)

Personally, I REFUSED to work at ANY fast food restaurant simply because it's a hard job and barely any one gets recognized for working there.

However, you may not be as picky as me and maybe you'd be willing to consider fast food places. You can also try getting into a local movie theater or some retail store.

Worse comes to worse you can consider going around town picking up soda cans and trading them in for change. (hey, you'll be helping the environment too!) Wink
I think at that age, you have to ask around for local jobs. Asks friends, family and neighbors if they know about jobs. I mean, when I was 15, I already had a job designing websites and as a writer on a few gaming sites. But the marketplace doesn't work that easy anymore. If you type fast, consider a job in data entry.
At that age I was picking fruit in the summer while I was studying. Crummy job though... poor pay, standing out in the sun all day. It was about all I had available to me at the time though.
When I was 15, I was flipping burgers at the local Harvey's Restaurant for below minimum wage. I had to wait till I turned 16, when my brother got me hired where he worked for decent union wages. I was always eager to work, and I never turned down a shift there. It was hard work, and with a bit of overtime thrown in, it helped me raise enough money to buy my own new car.
Just some advice. Do with it what you will:
When you do manage to land a decent job; always show initiative, eagerness to learn, and have a great work ethic. Most young people just work to fill in time and make a few bucks. Treat each job like you own the place and it's your profit you're working for.
One job I had when I was young was as a dishwasher. I went from dishwasher, to sauce cook, to lead hand. Within 2 years, the manager recommended me to the owner who asked me if I would be willing to transfer to another city to help manage the new restaurant that they were opening. It wasn't because I dated his daughter or sucked up to the boss. It was from being myself and doing a good job, and not being afraid of hard work.
Let us know how you make out!
Classified ads are the way to go, or maybe a parent or friend's parent can hook you up with a part time.

If all else fails, go to the local diner and ask if they need waiters / waitresses or dishwashers. That was my first job, and it taught me a lot.
no joke but apply for a child care position at a Gym.
they'll hire you like that. and are very flexable for your situation.
I work in a fast food store and its awesome. Ok so i dont mind a little bit of hard work, but its not that bad. My store is really good, i get paid very well and work with some great people. I would recommend fast food as a good option
tommypanda wrote:
I'm 15 and want a job any sujestions on where to look? I've tried most of the main job site but all the part time jobs that are only on the weekend as I obviously can't miss school are in bars or restrautes where you need to be over 18 as it involes serving alcohol. Please help!

You should freelance your skills. I dont have a part-time job but I'm still making as much and sometimes more then an avg. part time job. If all else fails you can babysit, mow lawns, or help old people cross the street.
If you need to get a job the best place is Publix. Publix is are grocery store and has a lot of young employees. Having so many young employees they know how to treat them. They get good hours and a raise every three months. Also with that company you can move up and be making a ton of more money in no time!
Walk around town, look for "we're hiring" signs. Go in, introduce yourself. Or if you know of a relative with a family business, you could work with them. I don't get how people enjoy working in fast food restaurants. That was my first job and I hated it. Though, I did learn how important managing money was and how HARD it was...
Around that age I worked at a videoediting place as netadmin. But you have to be good with computers. If your exeptionally good in a specific thing try to make that your job.

Later I went to the radio where I had to clean vinyl records and stack em. After a month I became "audio-engineer" for programs and I did live shows and recordings. NOT ON A PROFFESIONAL LEVEL OF COURSE but it was pretty ok. Look for those kinda things.

The deal is doing your job as good as possible when you get it (no matter the level).

I.E.: If you enter a cinema and they give you "emptying bins" as a job. Do it so good that they will feel obliged to promote you. Show that you are a worker and a determined one too.

And keep studying. Its always good to be a all-around handyman. They can find jobs anywhere.

Try the media (your gonna love it).


P.S.: Wel the law is gonna cause a problem because your not really old enough to start working but try entering companies as a TRAINEE.
That often works. Very Happy
I've just turned fifteen as well, but the labor laws in my state make getting a job this young next to impossible. I've found that CraigsList is a great place to go for oddjobs and such though. I'm pretty good with most web oriented stuff, so I manage to make about twenty five bucks an hour on average just making websites for people. Needless to say, some knowledge of the trade is needed..
I not very good a suggections like this but I will just tell ya my story.

I am 16 and I currently work with a web development company as a sub contracter. Where I am given a project to complete like a website or a database convertion, etc. I also do some other freelance work for ppl around my local area. If you have good web design and even programming skilles you can go far at a young age. A very good site for freelance programmers and web designers is .

well I hope I have helped abit anyway.
Good Luck
Try to get a job at DQ, or Wallmart, K mart, etc. There are tons of alternatives.
tommypanda wrote:
I'm 15 and want a job any sujestions on where to look? I've tried most of the main job site but all the part time jobs that are only on the weekend as I obviously can't miss school are in bars or restrautes where you need to be over 18 as it involes serving alcohol. Please help!

if you want a job at your age i would suggest either a retail store, fast food, or being a bagger at a grocery store.

my very first job was with an old neighbor friend. she owned her own at home buisness making cards, decorations, and pretty stuff for weddings. i got paid 8$ an hour with no taxes taken out Smile
the best part of that was at the end of every "shift" i worked at her house cutting up paper and painting stuff, her and her signifigant other cooked me a free meal Smile
Try looking at a local theatre for the weekends, I can't remember if they hire minors at 15 or 16, but its a fun and exciting job to have.
i cannot over recommend fast food joints. I am fifteen and work in one. Pay is semi-alright in my store, the work may be fairly crappy, but theres normally pretty good people working there so its fairly bare-able. Mind you those long shifts are killers compared to the other work i occasionally do with an electrician
I'm 15 and I do vacation work in belguim.

Do you want a vacation job?
Or one for the rest of your life?

I work with a butcher, if you don't like hard work, don't do it.
But if you want a vacation job, just walk into a shop and ask if they need you.
Just as simple as that.
Hmm...just freelance web design. You'd be surprised at the amount of people look for web design locally. I've freelanced since I was like 9 or 10. A lot of businesses are willingly to pay a few hundred dollars for simple web design.
Mrs Lycos
You can check some of the forums and freelancers sites around in the net. (you can check my signature) If you're good at some kind of IT skills, you can make some extra money in your free time, and even if you don't have web skills, you can even find some jobs asking for you to level up online characters in games like WOW (yes, you're actually paid to play!), data entry or posting in forums.
I am 15 years old too (soon I will be 16 Razz) and I worked this summer in a fast-food restaurant. It's and enough hard job but I had a great pay and I was working with some nice people, made new friends.

Now, I'm looking for an part-time job (on weekends, and some evening) because of school.
But I don't want a job only for money, I want it to stop "wasting" time (if we can say that) on my computer and with my friends. And with a new job we can know a lot of new people!
Hej dude, being 15 and looking for a part time job Id suggest something around the neighborhood, something physical, maybe helping on a construction site? Atleast untill school starts. You could alwasy go for some pizza delivery (on a bike? xD), handing out pamphlets (you could do it after school), some kind of IT assistant in the local computer shop, repairing or cleaning computers. Heck, it really depends on what youre really able to do. And also depends on where are you from? I know that in the US you could take on some kind of job at McDonalds in the evenings.
tommypanda wrote:
I'm 15 and want a job any sujestions on where to look? I've tried most of the main job site but all the part time jobs that are only on the weekend as I obviously can't miss school are in bars or restrautes where you need to be over 18 as it involes serving alcohol. Please help!

I think freelancing is a great option for you. You'll be able to work on projects when you have free time and your job won't interfere with your school life. If you're interested, first of all I recommend that you check out this website: It's a freelance job board that has higher rates than other ones, a multitude of job opportunities, and no commission fee.
the OP posted this 10 years ago...
Da Rossa
Marcuzzo wrote:
the OP posted this 10 years ago...

Indeed. This topic was necroed. But thinking of this as a forum, it could have some value for younger readers. I wonder where the OP is now as of 25!
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