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Did you Ever Loss An Animal that was very true to you?

Hey Everyone
The question is Have you every had to do put an Animal down that was very dear to down and how did you feel about doing that? how long did you have the animal and how close where you where to the animal.

The reason for this is on April the 12th 2007 at about 2:30pm We ( me and my fiance) had to take my Cat Pikachu to the vet cause he was sick and found out he had a stroke i had him for 10 years he was like my child and it was the hardest thing we had to do/ then the vet said there would be nothing we could to save him so we had to decide to put him down Sad my fiance could not even sign the paper I told him i did not want him to suffer anymore or take him home and watch him die was i wrong on not doing this should I of taken him home or did we do the right thing?
Just looking for some advise Thank you.
I did. That was a sad day for me as well as my most unluckiest day of my life. The whole day wasn't running smoothly for me, and when I reach home, my dog Smarty wasn't quite in the mood to play with me. I should have noticed something was wrong with him but I didn't.

It was in the evening when my dad reach home my dog started to act strangely. It kept pestering my dad and after dinner, I went ahead to bring him food to found him dead.. My mum said maybe he was waiting for my dad to see him one last time before he leaves.. which really kinda touch me..
First off, I'm sorry to hear this. I, too, have had to deal with this same tragedy. When I was about 15 or 16, my dog, Zeus, got lost at one of my grandmother's houses and wandered into the woods. When he came back, we found out that he had gotten bit by a coyote that was infected with rabies.

The vet said that he couldn't help the dog anymore, so we decided to put him down. It was a lot better than watching him suffer. Sure I was upset, but it would have been worse to see him the way he acted after being infected.

Don't feel bad, if the cat was helpless and couldn't be healed then you did the right thing.

God bless Wink,
Hun remember we did do the right thing. the only reason why I did not want to sign the papers is because I felt like I was murdering him. Sure I didn't hold a gun to his hear or choke him out or anything "not that I would do any of that anyway" but im my opinion by me putting that ink to the paper, that was me killing him, and it hurt big time. I know that it was the best thing to do so all the pain and suffering would be done, but that is the first time that I actualy had to do something like that... someones life was in MY hands. It's not so easy to sign the paper when you look at it that way. And then some people just tell me, hey man it's just a cat. Well it may be just a cat to them, but to a lot of people it is almost like losing your child. So I say to those people who say "it's only a cat" if they were to lose a child how would they react if I said "hey it's only a child" then they begin to understand.

Pikachu you will be missed. RIP my friend.
I'm sorry for your loss. There are lots of pet loss support groups on the net, and possibly in your community. I encourage you to look some up, especially to help you cope with any guilt you might feel.

While it is very difficult to put a pet down, take comfort in the time you had together and the good life you were able to give Pikachu. Writing about it can help -- this thread is a good start! Maybe you could also celebrate your pet's life with a poem, or create a scrapbook of photos, or some other memorial that celebrates Pikachu's life and will help you to move on through your grief.

Time heals.
yes, two and a half years ago my old english sheepdog was dying but I didn't want to put her down but my mom said it was better than her suffering so i obliged in the end. it was kinda sad.
Yeah it was sad.. my cat died with the age of 5. I was really shocked ( I was a little kid I have to add^^) and I buried it.
When i was ten (now I am eigthteen) i lost my dog, i was very sad Crying or Very sad still sad Exclamation
I live in Australia where everyone loves the outdoors and so on. I was about 8 at the time. We had a dog called Muffs and he was a Jack Russel. It was a hot summers day and the pool needed cleaning and the motor needed fixing. Dad called the guy from the Pool Shop and about 12 [Miday] he was over. Unfortunetly, he left the side gate open and Muffs' bed is just around the corner from the gate. Muffs wasn't locked up inside so when the Pool man left, we realised that Muffs was gone :[ He was only about 2 years old at the time. We looked for him for about 4 days but had no luck.

I still miss muffs :[

If your wondering how he got his name, as I mentioned above I was 8 at the time and Muffs was 2. When we first got him and I was six, when I said 'Puffs'
it sounded alot like 'Muffs' So when we got him, it was the first name that came up Razz


Picture Of Muffs:
You guys definitely did the right thing. As hard as it is to lose a pet, it's important to keep the best interests of the animal in mind. My family took in a stray cat when I was only 7 (we named him "Snookums", which I later changed to "Snickers"), and I loved that cat more than anything or anyone in the world. Unfortunately, he got very sick right before Christmas of 2005 (I was 18 by this time). We brought him to the vet, but there was nothing they could do for him, especially because they didn't even know what was wrong. On Christmas eve he collapsed, and we brought him to the animal hospital. He was severly dehydrated and anemic, and the doctor told us that the only thing that could prolong his life was a blood transfusion, and even that would only keep him going for a short while longer. Since I was closest to him, and since I was the most visibly upset (I had been sobbing even before being told that nothing could be done), my parents left it up to me to decide whether or not to have Snickers euthanized.

I made the same decision that you did. My cat was clearly in a lot of pain, and it would've been selfish to take him back home just to have a few more days with him. It was so hard to make that decision and to see him die like that, but I feel like it was the right thing to do.

Also, I'd like to add that I know how the two of you feel. I cried for weeks over the loss of my cat, and I'm crying as I type this, but trust me when I tell you that it WILL get better. Soon you'll be able to think of your cat and smile rather than cry. Losing a pet is a horrible experience, but no one can take away all of the good memories that you have with your cat. Just keep supporting each other, and you'll both be okay.
I did. One day dad bought cherrys with alcohool. Dad couldn't eat them all and gave some to my dog, Cora. Next day she was super drunk and couldn't walk in straight line. We took her to the vet because she was doing weird sounds and did everything possible to save her but she died of drunkness next day. Sad
I haven't have that happen to me...yet. One of our cat is getting very old and weak each day, and I always find myself checking to see if she's breathing when she sleeps. She still is lively, but you can tell that her day is almost up, and just the thought of it frightens me...

I'm sorry about the lost of your cat, but I do it was the right thing. I mean simply, you did it out of love, and the cat didn't have to suffer. I think it's better for the entire family go cut the life clean, rather then letting it decay, making not only the cat suffer longer but also it's owner who loves them.
When i was 9 (i think so) i lost my guinepig she was everything for me so i was very very sad =(
glenn83e wrote:
I know that it was the best thing to do so all the pain and suffering would be done,

Why is euthanasia 'the right thing to do' on animals, but unacceptable for humans?
There are a lot of people who support human euthanasia and would like for it to be legal. Besides, even if it is related to the original topic, I don't think that this is the right place to start a full-blown debate about euthanasia, or any debate for that matter...
had two turtles.... both of them died... cried for a week... didnt eat anything for the whole week... still remeber them... Sad
ThornsOfSorrow wrote:
There are a lot of people who support human euthanasia and would like for it to be legal. Besides, even if it is related to the original topic, I don't think that this is the right place to start a full-blown debate about euthanasia, or any debate for that matter...

Good point.
*Starts new topic*
I lost my beloved green tortoise after I went to boarding school. He just died suddenly with no signs..hurm..
I had 2 of such experiences in my lifetime so far. We had a dog 20+ years ago named Brownie that was diagnosed with cancer. She was such a good dog but was in severe suffering. She could no longer stand on her fours and had to drag herself around to do her business even at such a critical stage. We had no choice but to put her to sleep and i remember us crying uncontrollably as we saw her take her last breath.

The other dog which we took in had such a close resemblance to senoir Brownie that we fell in love with it immediately. Even named her Brownie too. Unfortunately... about 14 years later she too was diagnosed with cancer on the leg. We took her for multiple surgeries to remove the growth but it keep recurring and we finally decided not to let her suffer too. It's really painful to have a pet you love so dearly go. At least we all can treasure the times we all had with our beloved pets & family when there are still around to enjoy life with.
I once had to put down a cat who was my BEST friend. He lived to be 14. He died of feline leukemia. His name was Tigger. Crying or Very sad If you held your arms out in a cradle, he would jump into your arms. He always stuck with you. He is always forgiving. According to my parents, I guess I broke his leg somehow. He slept with me as if it is his way of saying, "It was an accident. I forgive you." I'll never forget him.
Pure white cat. I had no choice. someone broke into my home and beat the crap out her so she was internally bleeding. Docs said she had no chance, so I put her down and saved her kitties. Sad People have no respect.
Honestly, no, I haven't had to do that myself. But I do have a cat, Lightning, who's getting pretty old now- he's losing a lot of what made us choose the name for him. He's been our cat through three moves, and he's always been there. It's going to be really said seeing him go... Sad
Yea I lost my pet dog When I moved to UK from Ukraine I had a russian breed that looked similair to the St.Bernanrd but native to Russian farmers and security dogs......he was fun, smart and big enough to ride. but because we did not have enough money to bring him over with us we left him with someone, 2 month later he died even though he was well fed and well kept.

sad but true
"Did you Ever Lost An Animal that was very true to you?"
My cat was very true to me, he never lied, or atleast he tried to be honest, like f.e when he once killed a bird he even confessed on doing that, he didn't lie about it...
But he was brutally murdered by a car or a truck. Anyway he was smashed.
I had a Dachshund pet I loved so much. She was the first toy dog I ever had so I really loved her to bits. And she died like 3 days before my birthday and I didn't enjoy my birthday because of it. Sad

Even though a long time has passed, whenever I clean the garden of dried leaves, I get to pause for a while at the spot where we buried her and I say good morning. Smile

I don't know. Call me sentimental. I guess I believe that she hears me even she's buried under the ground. So I keep greeting her whenever I get the chance. Smile
when i was 12 yrs old.... i lost my turtle Jenny
Yes...not very recently, I suppose though. I've lost many pets over the years due to old age/poor quality of life, both domesticated pets and some wild injured animals, too. (They really seem to enjoy living as long as they can at my mom's place, hehe.)

If your cat was unable to be helped, and by keeping him alive he'd be in more pain than necessary, then I think you did the right thing. Animals only have us to rely on, and past a certain point...we will sometimes just have to make the unfortunate and painful decision as to when we need to ease their pain forever. It isn't murder.

Think of it this way...would you have rather gone through every day, seeing him in agony, suffering, unable to really help his symptoms at all in anyway, see him have more strokes and wait for him to die "naturally" (which could end up being a long, exhaustive, even painful death)...or make it as comfortable as possible for him, quiet and easy.

I know what you mean about the feeling like it was someone else's life in your hands, and while it really do have the ultimate diction over such a decision like that, and it is your right. You did the right thing by easing his pain in the best way possible.

To the people that truly and deeply love animals and pets, they are just more than "a cat" or "a dog" or whatever. Like the other posters have said, focus on the great memories you shared with your kitty...make a scrapbook of pictures and things like that from his kittenhood to his adulthood. If you have a lawn, or somewhere you could bury him (or his ashes), if you bury him yourself it will give you a little closure, too. The pain may not subside any time soon (or unfortunately, ever, in some cases) but doing things to keep the postive memories of Pikachu alive will help you get through the really tough days.
Putting down animals...Its a huge step to do that.

The saddest way I've lost my cat was when she was attacked by a pack of dogs. How cruel..All that stupid dogs should be shot.
shwetanshu wrote:
had two turtles.... both of them died... cried for a week... didnt eat anything for the whole week... still remeber them... Sad

I had the same experience at the age of 9. Sad
shwetanshu wrote:
when i was 12 yrs old.... i lost my turtle Jenny

Damn!! I soo wish i had a turtle Sad

It's been really sad reading through all these mishaps and losses, I kept looking at the thread n trying to stay away from it.

Anyways, i cant remember how old i was, 13 maybe we found a puppy that had been abbandoned and we put it in the paper but no1 claimed her. We called her goldie and we already had a dog, and they both got on well. Well anyways, after about 3 month i got home from school one day to find that my dad had given my dog away to someone. It really hurt me Sad .. then about a week later we got news that she had ran away and no1 ever saw her again.

My other dog i still have. He's getting really old now tho, he's almost 13 years old and has really bad legs as most labrador's do when they get old.

Crying or Very sad Hammy.
All the animals I ever lost were very true to me. Sad
i had two hamsters ... but my mother didn't liked them!!! She is afraid of them Sad(... one day she left em outside in their tank because she was cleaning the bedroom... and when she came back to them .. they were gone ...Sad( damn thieves:(( or predator animals Sad(
I lost my rabbit. I really loved him..... Sad
I did lost an animal that has been true, good and wonderful. It was my dog who died more than two years ago when it was poisoned by our neighbor. It wasn't easy for me to accept the fact that I finally lost the pet that I learned to love.
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