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Grand national 2007 BET NOW

Race saturday 14th April 2007 4:15

Minimum bet 5 frih maximum bet 10 frih - click donate to bet with the name of the horse you choose.

Click here to check the form of the runners and riders

Joes Edge 9/1
Point Barrow 10/1
Numbersixvalverde 12/1
Dun Doire 14/1
Hedgehunter 14/1
L'Ami 14/1
Billyvoddan 16/1
Idle Talk 16/1
Simon 16/1
Bothar Na 20/1
Eurotrek 20/1
Mckelvey 20/1
Monkerhostin 20/1
Bewleys Berry 25/1
Clan Royal 25/1
Liberthine 25/1
Longshanks 25/1
Homer Wells 33/1
Jack High 33/1
Kelami 33/1
Royal Auclair 33/1
Silver Birch 33/1
Slim Pickings 33/1
Ballycassidy 33/1
Puntal 33/1
Zabenz 33/1
Cloudy Bays 33/1
Gallant Approach 33/1
Graphic Approach 33/1
Kandjar D'Allier 33/1
Le Duc 33/1
Livingstonebramble 33/1
Philson Run 33/1
Tikram 33/1
Celtic Son 33/1
Knowhere 33/1
Naunton Brook 33/1
Sonevafushi 33/1
The Outlier 33/1
Thisthatandtother 33/1

Stake will only be returned in the event of a non runner.
Captain Fertile
I've gone with 10F$ on each - Monkerhostin 20/1 and Longshanks 25/1.

Come on everyone - this is the greatest steeplechase in the world!
I'll put 10 frih$ on Hedgehunter and 8 frih$ on Eurotrek.

I agree with the Captain, this is a pretty good idea.

God bless Wink,
Full Result

1st Silver Birch (IRE) 33/1
2nd Mckelvey (IRE) 12/1
3rd Slim Pickings (IRE) 33/1
4th Philson Run (IRE) 100/1
Captain Fertile
Oh Bum!!! I missed the race but only got 7th and I believe the other horse retired (from horse racing probably). Rolling Eyes
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