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Sarat's Web - My new blog

Sarat's Web -

This blog is my first attempt at making one, and hopefully doesn't show too much of noobieness. Sad
Sarat's Web is based on what I do on the internet, just keeping everyone updated on what is interesting on the Web from my point of view. So it will contain links to other interesting sites as well as other internet news.

So everyone, please check out my blog and review it - the theme selection, the posts, etc.

Thank you!
The layout is nice and neat but I must say I don't really like the colors. It might only be me but I think the contrast when the page loads is very high. It kind of hurt my eyes to look at it and read.

If you add a new header with some color/life then it would liven up everything. I like the little calendar on the left, maybe if you also added some color to the days of the week in that at the top.

Other then that I would say it was good. I didnt have time to read the posts but a quick glance and they look ok and maybe when your making the header make it a little smaller so it doesnt take up a 3rd of the page and block out some of the content at a first glance.

Good look.
I like your site. it has a nice modern design to it and it also has some very good topics like "The bad effects of chatting." yea i read a few of them Smile
Thanks for the compliment, mostwanted. (Love your username Smile)

@ncwdavid - Yes I guess the colors are a bit bad. I liked the layout and I chose that. I didn't make the theme myself, I just chose a premade theme called Silver Lexus. And so I don't know how to modify the theme without messing the whole thing up. Crying or Very sad I don't have any good coding skills. However, seeing that I have holidays coming up, I might try to make my own theme. Smile
Captain Fertile
Good blog, some good conetent but the theme is very hazy - like looking through a misty filter, doesn't make for easy reading.

At least it is lught, I can't stand dark blogs and forums. Why do people think book are usually printed on white (or light) paper?

I have subscribed to your blog so will be back - not sure if you will be happy or sad to hear that! Cool
Thanks! Yes, I know it about the theme, but I have either got to change it again, or as I said, make my own theme. I don't know how difficult that would be, though.

Besides that, does anyone feel the content is deviating from the aim of the site?
I like it, very neat and clean. Brave use of colours. I have a mortal fear of mixing things like blue and orange. But the grey text on the grreyer header... not too good, might be a little hard to see for those that are "visually challenged". Good job though!
onydchic, Thank you!
Of course, the theme is not mine, so I can't take compliment for that.
Other than that, how did you like the content?
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