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Hi all,
Just wondering who here like mythbusters, and what time(s) or channels do you watch it on. Here in AU, I watch it on the SBS every Monday night at 7:30 PM. I love it Very Happy .
yeah i watch that programme some times its cool, i like when the get some dumb ass myth, anyway, on sky its on the discovery channels at random times, but its on aloot but sometimes they show the really old ones on channel 5. kk? Laughing
I watch this show periodically when I notice it on, I watch it on the Discovery channel aswell

They have alot of really cool myths that they do on the show. Some are pretty dumb too, but that makes it fun.

I think the last one I saw may have been the one where they were testing the myths of whirlpools on if they can really suck a ship out of water.

It was really funny when Adam actually got into the whirlpool aswell and they proved a whirlpool would definetly suck down a person.

Though..., I could have down without seeing Adam puke and they even did in slow mo which was quite disgusting.


but yeah this show is definetly awesome.

Kepp watchin!
woot mythbusters is like one of my favorite shows ever. I personly love the show to death. I can never wait for the next episoid. I watch it on the discovery chanel and like i will wait for it to come on. Razz
I love Mythbusters! I always watch the new episodes. It seems like it'd be kinda nerday, but the show's so funny! I live in Florida in the US, so we watch it on Wed. at 9 PM. I think it's the Discovery Channel that airs it.
Mythbusters is one of my favorite shows, and one of the few where I don't mind watching reruns. I like it because it interests me to see these myths and urban legends proved or disproved. I think so far my favorite episode would have to be the Hindenburg one... I like big explosions and fire, and watching someone ignite a scale model zeppelin painted with "rocket fuel" provides quite a bit of fun.
well i like how the mythbusters do their work they just try to prove that some things in mythology are totaly fake and made up, and some really work they way it says in the myth but never the less who ever said that ailens could of not helped. Lol
Love Mythbusters though I couldn't tell you what channel it is on... Embarassed
My kids love to watch it too so they turn the TV on to the right channel at the right time and we watch it together.
Looks like a lot of people like it. Anyone else?
its cool i love it when there blowing up stuff ore buster Very Happy
I just watched it again on Monday night here, and it was about a salami propelled rocket and the myth that if you put your hand up against a car window, it will stop a rock from smashing it. Good stuff Cool .
i watch mythbuster zaterday and zonday in mi country it is at

evry day
Probably the best "educational" show. I watch it Wednesdays at 9-10 est. Also whenever it's on other than that. There is supposed to be a Ninja Myths episode soon (which i am psyched for) with the guy from "Ask A Ninja".
jylan wrote:
I just watched it again on Monday night here, and it was about a salami propelled rocket and the myth that if you put your hand up against a car window, it will stop a rock from smashing it. Good stuff Cool .

Same here. Very Happy I love Mythbusters, I watch it, and Top Gear, South Park and whatever SBS has on Mondays instead of the shite Seven and Nine serve up on a Monday.

SBS also airs older eps Mythbusters on Saturdays at 5-5.30pm.
I enjoy it, Here it is on the discovery channel and the channel that is is on is 32 two months ago it was on channel 14 my Cable provider loves re-arranging the channel i guess.
I love mythbusters...funny as hell Smile

I watch in on Discovery Channel mostly, but also on SBS when i remember
I watch the myth busters usually when i see it on saturdays.. I haven't even heard of most of the myths they do.. I wonder how many myths are out there Shocked
After a few months of having Top Gear on the Mythbuster time slot I'm glad that the all new Mythbusters are going to be back on SBS on the 3rd September, 2007. Has anyone seen some of the new series yet? As a help, the advert featured someone driving what looked like a racing car.
New series should be really good looking forward to it! Smile
I watched it when it first aired, but I haven't kept up with it. just watch the occasional rerun.

any thing cool happen?
Mythbusters is back on SBS after the World Athletics Championships. Very Happy
Mythbusters goes on Discovery channel, and I have no idea when Razz so I have some problems following it, especially since my family is so big that I hardly get to watch what I want.

What I love the most is the rivalry Razz when thy get on each others necks or when they want to see which one has the best idea and so on Razz and all their stupid comments (even if I think that they follow a script) And I love it when they blow up things, or smash things, like hitting a chicken true a plane window Razz that was fun.
I'm from Argentina, here it's at 12 o'clock (I'm not really sure, but it's around that time) only in Discovery Channel... don't think it will help you much, it only would if its shown at the same time all around the globe, but I really doubt it Rolling Eyes
Since so many people like this show, does anyone know where I can watch the latest episode (the Superhero one) online? My DVR didn't record it for some weird reason...
I watch it anytime I pass it when I go through all the channels at my tv. It rocks! Go Kari! :oops:
I watch it periodically. I liked it when they proved that sneezing with your eyes open wouldn't force your eyes out of their sockets.
they are fun but there are now alround the 10 programs who try to do the same or somelthink like that

i think that gengre is over the top and going down
I used to watch it all the time, I love that show, but lately I haven't seen or watched it.
Mythbusters is awesome. One of my favourites programs. I watch it on Discovery Channel but I don't remember hour(in afternoon:-) I like the way they trying to bust the myths. First they checking the myth and adjust conditions to this myth and if it doesn't work... they adjust myth to conditions and make big BOOM!!!!

Cheers Very Happy Cool
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