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Adsense and adult stuff

A friend recently posted a story having adult and sexual content on his blog. Adsense started giving public service ads on the blog. The friend read the Adsense rules which clearly mentioned that any site posting adult stuff would be ``blocked'' and even adsense membership could be cancelled. He immediately removed the adult stuff. However, he was surprised to come across certain blogs which were full of adult stories and pictures but were showing adsense ads in full glory.
He is wondering whether Adsense is adopting double standards or what?
They probably just haven't had time to review his site. Think about it, how many hundreds of thousands of sites use AdSense?
@darren - Yeah but when raeeft1 says "Full Glory" then it means that they ARE actually putting the ads up from a long time.

Dunno much about it, but I know that the Adsense ppl are strict about all their terms, and they adhere to it. So, it might be removed in a few days.

Warm Regards,
There are not enough people to look at every blog site, so they probably just skip around.
It's just a matter of time before they review those sites that have adult contents. When they do, advertisements in "Full Glory" will disappear. Those sites must not have been the site they had used to register adsense, in that case they would not have approved their account in the first place.

My adsense was placed just next to images/pictures in violation of google adsense policy. But it went on for about a year without any action from Google adsense support team. But when they review my sites some months ago, they came down heavily on me. They warned me and gave me 3 days to comply or else face the music which is not so dear as you all know.

I think its just a matter of time. Don't encourage your friend to put adult contents and adsense together, he will only waste his good time, efforts, and energy.
If you think that the google guyz are treating people differently, maybe you could try and "appeal" by sending an email to further discuss the matter. Because it wouldn't seem fair to you and google might be grateful to you if you managed to root out some of the adult sites that still show google ads.
I don't understand this Adsense stuff; and I run 3 sites! I'm pretty sure I was told you pay a start up fee; then you begin making money off the ad's being on your site; as people click them, etc.

Is it even worth it; especially since most people ignore the ad's!
It's not allowed. Those sites probably just have videos and images, without the content. I think Google can detect words, but then again it can't (long story).
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