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What to listen when making love ?

A little topic that have been done on another forum I also post on. What kind of ambiance are you expecting while you are about to or you are in the middle of... showing to your partner how much you love her/him ? Desire, remember, little stories, ... feel free to tell us or just enjoy Wink

For my own, I've done it on Ben Harper's God Fearing Man.

Well, I think I've reached the Seventh sky, specially when all the solo slide guitar begins right in the middle of... you know what I mean Wink We both enjoyed this great moment and this was also wonderful, not to enjoy it alone, indeed. Very Happy

Now, it's your turn Wink
"...Our own sweet music"

This is nicely explained, yes Very Happy

Guns N'roses, I think I'd go for "Knocking at the Heaven's door"

Some songs by Led Zeppelin would also nicely match with the moment, don't you think ?
Stairway to Heaven perhaps? Pun intended.
Yes of cource but not only.

I'm thinking about some songs that had been played and reviewed for the album "No Quarter" which are really smooth and ... Hmmmm Temperature Rising Very Happy

"no quarter" itself for exemple
LOL, you're so silly... umm I dunno? Maybe listen to some R&B music, R.Kelly, lmao... ahh so wrong, whatever, why is music necessary?
Nobody told music WAS necessary. It is just sometimes playing at the right time, on the right place Wink
Whatever I listen to, I will make sure its a slow song as I fear a fast one may make me explode faster Mr. Green
It depends, some song are progressive enough to accompagny you from the soft beggining to the apocalyptical end Razz

For exemple : GONG - Master Builder

A band playing psychedelic rock music. This song begins with a long dyphonic vocal part then explode after a few minutes developping a sort of trance that is ... Mmmm... can't find a word to explain indeed. I Think it had to be tested Razz
Just put on a bit of 'Untitled # 4 (a.k.a. njósnavélin / the nothing song)' by sigur rós.

Infact, just put on the whole god damn ( ) album by sigur rós
We like listening to Yani's music while making love Smile

Also, we have great memories with Back street boys !
Some Lamb Of God! Twisted Evil
I personally wouldn't care about the music lol.
hehe i must have a loud one, hehe, bec my girl is so loud ^^ hahahaha..

nee, i dont have music, i think that music is enoying, not for all but for me it is. hehe... but if i must have music i will choose
: Rob Hilton - Euro Dancer (One Night In Paris) (Original Mix)

hehe very many beats hehe.. Very Happy Very Happy
saeleyjnr wrote:
Just put on a bit of 'Untitled # 4 (a.k.a. njósnavélin / the nothing song)' by sigur rós.

Infact, just put on the whole god damn ( ) album by sigur rós

+1 Very Happy

You speak to an unconditionnal fan in front of the eternal *

* Approximative translation of a french moto Embarassed

Concerning the "many beats", I'm not sure that techno is the best music to listen to when you wish to set up a smooth ambiance for such practices... But why not Rolling Eyes

For my own, I also done it on MASSIVE ATTACK's Mezzanine one day. That was not bad Razz
Well, I wonder if it is possible for someone playing Marilyn Manson while they enjoying their time Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing ...
The sound of silence because of golden silence.
Hah, the best topic so far! Laughing Wink

I'd say anything with a pretty solid baseline is perfect for getting things in motion, typically something with romantic lyrics if you're feeling that way but it's not really neccessary.. Cool

I had a friend who'd together with his gf always used Nirvana's Unplugged album, but I haven't tried it, worked for him though Very Happy
girl's moaning Razz
i don't listen to music when having sex.

i did get a blowjob once while listening to some hardstyle and hardcore tho. oh wait... make that twice! Very Happy that was pretty sweet Cool
The first time I did it, the song playing in the background was Let me in - Save Ferris. Not kidding. The absolute truth. And it was an amazing song for that moment. Just perfect. Like nothing could go wrong.
celine dione's it's all coming back to me. that song's a f*ng orgy.
Dont hate on me because i listen to rap music but

- 2Pac Ft. K-Ci & Jojo - How Do You Want It Cool
- Marvin Gay - Sexual Healing
- 2Pac - All About U
Thug wrote:
Dont hate on me because i listen to rap music but

why do you feel guilty about it? music is music, and when it's good- you're in good hands.
Is music necessary? I don't feel like it.
Massive Attack. Their album Mezzanine (spelling?) is perfect. Amazingly awesome.
Hinder - Lips of an Angel Razz
some slow jams,mostly of rkelly,112,joe or donnell jones
I've long wanted to try (but never sure about HOW) to play Zaireeka by the Flaming Lips whilst making love.

The album consists of four CD's which are played simultaneously in four different CD players. The idea is to have one person on each player starting at a predetermined moment.

Difficulties include,... finding 3 friends to make love with, and the need to stop and re-cue the CD's after ever song... but I'm sure the experience were it able to be simplified would be mind blowing.
It depends on partner and occasion...
I usually put some lounge music. hehe
nathaniel merriweather (aka dan 'the automator' nakamura) constructed a group called lovage (he was also behind gorillaz and handsome boy modeling school...i think)

anyways, the lovage album was called "music to make love to your old lady by"

and i have to say that it's pretty good. slightly hiphop mixed with some jazz. i've tried it with a few different 'old lady's' and i can't say any of them were a bad experience.

if you like to dj your guest(s) you can ease into it and when the wine is starting to make you warm que it up.

the track ' book of the month' turns things up a bit.
My vote goes to Sarah Brightman when you want to make love, because you will be in a mood of love and romance. And when you are in love and sitting together go for Kenney G with a small ambient light in ur room. Ur romance will go up and end up in dancing slowly along with the music, trust me!
The Used - in love and death.
Music isn't necessary because it distracts from the true prupose.
led zeppelin of course
mh have something fast ^^,) mhm or soem smoooth music Razz Razz
I think I'd have to go for some R&B or some light jazz type thing. Almost porno music but not quite!
It definitely differs. My boyfriend and I have compiled lovemaking playlists with some of our favorite songs Very Happy
My favourite music when doing it is the EBM, specially Blutengel, it makes it dirtier...

And sometimes listening to love rock songs, but not too many times Smile
Jack Johnson has some really fitting songs!

For example, "Better Together" turned in when my girlfriend and I started making out. That was just the right song in the right moment! Smile
If nothing else, then the 70's porn groove stuff is pretty solid. If it's worked for a whole genre of class films it should definetely be good enough for you.. Wink And if you're lucky (or however you'd see it) you'll get awesome flashbacks of the world's all time bushiest tacos :/
haha how about some tencacious d??? nothing like being able to smile and laugh while you're in the act...

i wish jack black was my father
Aha,maybe rock and roll is suitable,you can have lot of enthusiasm.
Captain Fertile
For me any record track that lasts about 1 minute 30 seconds!!!! Embarassed
Pink Floyd : Shine on your crazy Diamant.... Try it, wonderful!
Smile Smile
It depends if it's for making love or for just SEX!

for the first whatever with sweet voice and slow rythm, for the second, deep voices and fast fast moving!
Well, I have to agree with Justin Timberlake when he says tha music kinda distracts us from the moment, you know?
But, if I were to make love listening to some music, I would say... turn that darn radio off! Heh! Laughing
Nobody told music WAS necessary, i think i will sing for her if she don\t mind to make love and hear me 2

That will be hard
You should hear Himesh reshammiya's Aap ka surroor, when you love someone.
Ravel's Bollero. Trust me on this..I have done a great deal of depth, and from all angles.
Pure RNB and girl is a Nightwish fr3ak fAn. Smile
joe henry
Most of the time there is no music playing, but...

...when we do want to listen to music while we do it, it just depends what kind of mood we are in. If we actually want to be very passionate and actually make love, it would have to be some easy listening classical music (something to relax you even more). However, if we just want to go at it like wild animals, we usually throw on some Metallica, System of a Down, or TOOL. Nothing like listening to those aggressive drums pound out a rhythm while you pound out your own rythm. Twisted Evil
I like to listen to my wife rather than some other music. Her voice in that time is more arousing than any song. Vocal feedback is a good tool to use in making love. It tells what you are doing right and doing wrong.
lol tenacious D, that band is the sh*t !!!! Razz Razz Razz
There was one Metallica song... but I don't remember the title... I'll find. Here it's "Loverman". Maybe you'll think I'm crazy Smile but it's only my opinion Smile
"Tender surrender" of Steve vai .
try it
from travis - Flowers in the Window!!!

Oh Wow, look at you now
Flowers in the window
Its such a lovely day
And Im glad that you feel the same
cos to stand up Im in the crowd
You are one in a million
And I love you so lets watch the flowers grow
For me lol? it'll have to be a Lil'Wayne,The Game or Snoop Dogg song thats got some gr8 line in it such as
"Drop it like its hot" from Drop it like its hot by snoop dogg
"B**ch get on your knees and give me head like its 94"-California Vacation by the game.

Lol can't think of anything else.
I need love
Robin Thicke
OK, here's a good one:
Chris Isaak, "Wicked game".

Hell yeah, it worked perfectly last night. hahaha Wink
Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets
Someone recommended me Tracy Chapman for this kinda situations, but I don't listen to music in these moments...
innovaservice wrote:
Pink Floyd : Shine on your crazy Diamant.... Try it, wonderful!
Smile Smile

I had luck with that one at least that's what she said lol. Pretty much anything pink floyd I think might work.

Somebody actually picked Tenacious D haha that's funny.
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