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Best or not

I think trance is the best music, i u have heard Above & Beyond - Good For Me (Club Mix), that its a good song, very soft,

try to listen to trance, not the bom bom bom, but the soft trance... i just love it, and some one says that trance arnt music, ehh yeah its is, how can ppl hear on it, and rock isnt the only real music, i hate ppl who say so, that trance are not music.....that have no ideea what thay are talking about.... Wink Wink
Radio 1 once sent me an Ambient Trance CD that I remember quite liking, but I went off the whole genre one summer when I worked with people who loved trance and would put on trance cds all day... IT'S ALWAYS THE SAME DRUM BEAT WITH THE SAME NOTES IN A DIFFERENT ORDER!!!

Sorry, but really there is no artistic merit to what the music that these people make.
yeah ok, but dont listen to djs like Dj Tiesto just 1 beat, but listen to Above & Beyond, this music isnt so 1 beat, its more than 1 beat, they have music like
era and enya.. :
and i dont like trance with just one beat, i like it when the song have more than 3 beats. hehe

but Hans Zimmer is the BEST music EVER!!! i love the songs from Pirates of the carrabin,( wrong word ^^) but he is great...
I like all kind of music, it is not that there are something which I mean sucks a little, but still I can always find something good, even if it is trance, classic or Death Metal. Oh maybe Opera could be something I would not like to hear, hehe.
In trance music, I am a big fan of the psy-trance (psy for psychedelic) duo "infected mushroom".

they make very unusual trance, with roots deep into classical music and wonderful guitar solos (especially in their album "converting vegeterians" and their new album, which has moved a lot towards rock and metal)

In short, they are quite good. ordspil- try to listen to them and tell me what you think?

if anyone has recommendations (try to keep them mainstream without deep "boom booms" please) i'd like to listen to new trance stuff
CtrlAltDeleteDie is a good place to listen to all kinds of electronic music. I personally like the progressive trance channel. Also vocal trance. Good sleeping music. Very Happy

Also a very good trance-ish cd is "Selected Ambient Works: 85-92" by Aphex Twin. The only other one I have is "drukqs" which I haven't listened to that much. You might also like Squarepusher but that is more DnB. I recommend "Hard Normal Daddy" from them. Good stuff.
heh, another score for trance. that makes me a happy frihoster. Very Happy Laughing

uhm, like posted in few hundred of other trance topic, hardtrance is the best for me and i'm especially starting to like UK hardtrance more ane more!

but i agree, Above and Beyond are really good. i think my favourite of them is Can't Sleep. also ther Oceanlab stuff is really great! Cool
You cannot say that one genre of music is "best". Unless you took a poll of everyone in the world and trance had the most votes its a claim yoy'll never be able to make!

Personally I don't like trance but that aside it's your opinion. I welcome diversity in music and will always love hearing new genres as they develop and different people appreciate them, but why this constant need to justify one being superior to the rest! Appreciate diversity, dont reject it!
Lol, pretty strange to ask whether trance i the best music or not. It depends on what kind of music you prefer.

I prefer rock and metal and i really don't like trance, but respects that some people do.

In my eppinion trance isnt the best music out there, no.

- Achene
I like trance, too, but I wouldn't consider it the best music genre... In fact, I don''t really know which is the best, so...
I wouldn't say it's the best music, but it isn't horrible. Some songs are okay and others are just awful, and that's with every music genre.
Alot of trance is the stuff they put on in supermarkets or those cheezy clothing stores.

I'm more into progressive, electro, ambient stuff, but trance is on the list as well. Ibiza is pretty good trance. Some good hardstyle/jumpstyle as well.

Not that much into trance so I can't recommend any artists, can't say many stand out.
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