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[solved] Ethernet Controller

I had a friend of mine complain to me about a fake anti-spyware program (spylocked) alerting him that his computer was vulernable as well as the typical "my computer is slow".

Anyway I decided to backup his data to optical media and that a reformat was in order. Reinstall went okay (though partioning took forever; didn't notice GParted was running a test before the real partitioning) but lo-and-behold after installing the usual security software I plug the cat5 cable back in the NIC and it won't recognize the connection. Tried the Networking Wizard, nope.

Its a HP m7160n media center, but HP fails to provide a driver for the ethernet controller on their website. I used an external USB ethernet adaptor (Linksys 200m), downloaded the driver from within Knoppix and Windows would not allow me to install it because it was "the wrong driver/not compatible with hardware".

Hardware is not at fault, Knoppix detects both NIC cards (without user configuration nor manually providing drivers). Thought about connecting my computer to it but that wouldn't work because of the ethernet connection.

So any ideas? I know there is a way, its just not coming to mind...Thank you Smile
Did HP supply you with any recovery CD's? I would imageine they would have provided a driver on CD, i have a Smasung X60plus notebook that came with recovery CD's and on the one recovery CD i found all the required drivers. You may also find depending on the architecture of your system that the NIC is an integral part of your motherboard most modern motherboards have inbuilt NIC's. My desktop had a onboard NIC and i had to install the motherboard drivers to get the NIC to work. This maybe the case with your system.

Hope you solve the problem

You're going to love this software:

I have to warn you though, don't use a similar program by 'Zhangduo' or 'Huntersoft' called 'Unknown Device Identifier' as it's a complete ripoff with payload.
Aida32 was able to help but I just ended up using the recovery partition to reinstall. Was actually pretty quick though I did have to use the Ultimate Bood CD to boot into the installer. Its working fine, and I put some security software in hopes of preventing a problem from occuring again (as well as a backup of the fresh install to save the trouble if it happens again) Thank you turbosquid and Arnie!
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