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I need help with Category 5 cables

I am using a ethernet cable to share internet using my wireless router. The ethernet cable I am using no longer works. The cable came with my D-Link Model: DI-624M router. The cable is a Category 5 cable. So I ask if I would need to get an exact cable from the creaters of my router or can I just go buy a regular Category 5 cable?

here is pictures of the cable by the way:

~Thanks for the help.
you can get any cable. i think yours is straight (not cross over). to be safe, when you want to purchase, bring along the old cable so they can see it's head if it's straight or cross.
i was about to type the exact same thing lol

sure buy a strait cable. and a tip the manufactures make them colour coded now so a blue cable shoul do the trick Wink
oh and btw i checked out your site its really good...

i could make you a template for free if you want? dnt have to use it but i will make it for you anyway...

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its can't be a cross over cable just go and buy a CAT5 or above staigh cable and the work is done.
Just to put you guys straight, it really doesn't matter if its straight-thru or cross-over due to the router will autocross anyway, You only need a crossover cable if your are going to use ICS or a VPN. And advice to the questioner, think to yourself on why the cable doesn't work... Have you checked another cable to see if it is not configuration settings E.g tcp/ip or either the network card in your machine or the router are faulty?? If you do not know to check all of this, goto your nearest computer store and ask them to put the cable on a network tester and see if its working, So before you go out and buy something that you really dont need, check your hardware first ;o)
Only modern hardware automatically crosses the cable correctly. I would suggest you check the cable somewhere else. Or better yet, borrow somebody's cable to see if it works at your home.

But CAT5 cables aren't that expensive anymore nowadays, right?
Cat5 is practically disposable now. I have at least 20 cables in my closet for LANs. I got them all at the dollar store.

A normal Cat5 will do fine, like everyone said. Don't worry about the crossover thing, just get the cheapest cable that is long enough. Crossovers are usually a bit more expensive and less common. It will clearly say crossover on the box if it is one...
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