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What do you use your hosting space for?

As the title say, What do you use your hosting space for?
Personal website?
Project website? (For some kind of project you're working on)
Game website? (Something from a game, something like that.)

Or whatevah, what do you use it for?
Just wonderin, because when i first got the hosting space, i was relay excited... Then after a while i started to wonder what do use it for... What about you others?
I'm using my space right now mainly as game project/modification website, although I haven't gotten any work done lately so there's really nothing interesting on it at the moment. Confused
I use it to host the site in my signature
I'm using it for a blog / family website. But I haven't updated it for some time. Hopefully I get all pump up again.
I use hosting for my literature projects, catalog sites.
I use it to host a gaming clan website...
I use mine for personal use and also professional usage. Frihost has granted me enough space to do far as free hosts go, Frihost sure beats a sharp stick in the eye. Laughing

Thanks Bondings.
i will use it for my wallpapers, and stuff like that, i allways have a poor web with 5-10 Mb, but i found this web, Cool Wink Wink
I use it in 2 parts:
1. For my clan from the game called Freelancer
2. For my group of frends, we are filming some stuff so we gonna put a website about it, it is allmost over, only thing I need now is the subdomain Very Happy
Well right now I am not really using it for anything but I am making a site that will more then likely almost hit the 250MB mark sometime but im not too sure. Frihost offers great space. You could easily make a very very good site with only 20-30MB but 250MB is really great and generous of Bondings.
Raydon wrote:
I use it in 2 parts:
1. For my clan from the game called Freelancer
2. For my group of frends, we are filming some stuff so we gonna put a website about it, it is allmost over, only thing I need now is the subdomain Very Happy

you can create your own sub-domain via DA....and your avatar is very annoying.
Vrythramax wrote:
Raydon wrote:
I use it in 2 parts:
1. For my clan from the game called Freelancer
2. For my group of frends, we are filming some stuff so we gonna put a website about it, it is allmost over, only thing I need now is the subdomain Very Happy

you can create your own sub-domain via DA....and your avatar is very annoying.

1. Don't know how to and what is DA?
2. My avatar isn't's is just...GR8! Mad Very Happy
I'm currently using my webspace to house my personal sites, although most of them are fansite-related. I also have a few sites that I've built for clubs and organizations on here, too; however, due to lack of communication between me and the clubs' respective leaders, not much has happened in terms of updating them. XD

I also have a habit of testing script installations on my personal space, too; it's fun to see what live versions of scripts can do (especially ones I plan to upgrade/switch to).
My hosting space is being used for a forum which has material on manifestation, abundance,grace, Reiki, gratitude and so on. People can post requests for Reiki treatment as well as express gratitude online.
I am also using the space for a general site having material on abundance and money as well as lots of e-commerce links.
Raydon wrote:
Vrythramax wrote:
Raydon wrote:
I use it in 2 parts:
1. For my clan from the game called Freelancer
2. For my group of frends, we are filming some stuff so we gonna put a website about it, it is allmost over, only thing I need now is the subdomain Very Happy

you can create your own sub-domain via DA....and your avatar is very annoying.

1. Don't know how to and what is DA?
2. My avatar isn't's is just...GR8! Mad Very Happy

DA is Direct Admin, the control panel for the users in Server 2. If you had got your requested accepted, which I suppose you have, you will have already got your subdomain. Confused
And I don't say your Avatar is annoying. It is just a bit overactive. Wink
I'm using my site for a fanbase page. I finally got a partner to work with so I'm going to redo the whole site. My site also has a forum but not that many members on it yet.
Me and some friends are going to develop a new game and we need a place to gather all our ideas, so we need a forum cause we can't have our own computers running 24/7. So I went out searching and I found this site with good recommendations.

i use mine for a forum and a game, and video content site. the original purpose was for the team ([SODEC]) clan and game server but the clan has died so iv made it more of a personal aiming profesional site.
Currently mine holds a photo blog of screenshots from a video game I play (Phantasy Star Universe), so that my friends from the game can get a hold of the pictures I take without me e-mailing them to 7 or more people, but it hasn't been updated in a while because I kind of ran out of storage space. Once I get a new host for the photo blog it'll probably become a site to house my random musings and stories.
I use my hosting for a lot of things. For one, I have a personal/random blog. I also am starting a small community forum with phpbb. Plus I am expirementing with making a personal homepage.

Besides that, I use it to host random stuff and I might make a Wiki one day about FriHost if Bondings ever decides to upgrade the PHP on server 2 (not suggesting).


God bless Wink,
I use it for my design etc.
I'm also into family website kinda thing. Currently just started to setup a website for my family. This will ease us in sharing when do some gathering in festival season.
I use my hosting to host my web design business's website :, my photoblog : and my blog :

Frihost is proving to be very good Smile .
meet in rio
Hosting pictures and experimenting with coding. It's really just a training area.

I have one website hosted for a friend and a bunch of pictures and stuff which I didn't want to delete.

I used to have a useless 'personal' websitev and a play-by-post RPG hosted there, too.
For me, I use my webhosting to host a forum for my class, which is doing fine as there regular visitors: my classmates of course. And with some extra space left as forum really doesn't take up too much space, I would use it for trying out some scripts and stuff like that, just like a experimental ground.
I am trying to make a good use of my knowledge in scripting, php and stuff, I am working on an online portfolio..
Download/discussion site for my video series. Muhahaha. You should check 'em out. They're funny.
I'm using my space for a group website. It's for my organization or a club for all the fans of the anime series DN ANGEL.. Very Happy
Testing purposes, trying to learn php. Doesn't go very well though. Never feeling like doing anything.
i use it as a personal site, for testing new stuff, learning stuff, and occasionally hosting something i need on another computer. i keep it there as a resource for when im inspired to create something

also, i use it as a portfilio for all my design related stuff. Smile
If I get a hosting space, then I'll use it to host a forum for a game.
Also I would add a website with information on that game and a gallery with nice screenshots.
Also a private gallery for members to post personal real-life photos would be nice.

Then, well I don't know, I guess taht's enough planning for now Smile
I use my site for several internet community related sites and for hosting images of adoptables that I make for one of the sites that I belong to... Smile
I use it for my guild i Age of Conan, the forums and some other stuff. And I also have my own blog hosted here.
I am using my hosting to host my sudoku program and the community around it Smile
I was planning on using it to create that Asian entertainment (Anime, manga, games, drama, movies, etc etc) database/review/community site a friend and I started. But because I've been lazy and disappearing once every so often, it's still in the "under development" phase.

And of course, I created a sub-site on it for my personal blog and gallery (which are also half-done at the moment ><)
I'm using it to host my personal portfolio

That's all right now. Email used to take up a lot of the space, but I'm having better luck keeping that under control now so it's not really getting much use at all.
my games, my softwares, my school's website and forum, my personal info, my game studio's info, my band's info...
I use the space on frihost to host my wallpaper site, it is not a personal website anymore cause other people can add their wallpapers too.
I also host my forum on frihost.
I host a forum for my friends... its the general kind where we just share info, plan outings, and have fun. Its been very silent of late though.
me, i use it for my personal website, used primarily to entertain my friends but also as a historical diary of events.

blatant plug time:

do it
I'm using it to keep my team's site and to let people download our games.
I use mine to host my pics. Its a portfolio site for my photography. I usually update it after every shoot with a new pic from each set!
i use it as my personal webapge, better say, it's a profolio of my art works, including photography, drawing, some design and many essays. i used it for finding jobs before. After i found my present job, i have not updated it till now... haha, so lazy.

and now i used it for other purposes, like as a online diskspace sometimes(actually i turned my gmail to web disk already.. but i like using this one more ). And sometimes just make a small page to let my friends how do i feel and think.
I have not yet hosting account,but i can explain my ideas on my future website.I want to use it for programming languages in general ,but my website will include little about game developing at beginning of it.Then i might extensively turn towards game developing , maybe about 6 months later Rolling Eyes
Well at first it was for my gaming clan and then for my webdesign company. Right now i dont even know if my hosting account is still open as I had fallen off the forum for quite some time. I and even some other people used my hosting space primarily to develop websites, tools, and games for frihost users. We were especially active in the marketplace about 8 months when we had around 8 customers a week and earning about $400Frihs each, a week.
I use my web allowance to display my face, in a variety of black and white guises and shapes and poses.

Hopefully someone will see my face and enjoy its qualities enough to give me money and fame, or at least buy me a bag of chips.

hope you all are as lucky with yours as I will be with mine, xx
I was going to use it for my blog but I don't do that now..
I just use the space for streaming musics.
Just added a subdomain on mine. The main one I use for a Counter Strike clan and the sub I am now using for my daughter's soccer team
i use mine for personal use, blogging... mainly about me and my experiences
i use my hosting space for my blog and that's just about it. Until I can think of a better use for it I'm just going to stick to maintaining my blog Laughing
I use my webspace for my blog and hosting the odd file. I did have my podcast here, but I moved that to a specialised host. Very Happy
I'm using mine as a web presence for my translation service (not many jobs yet unfortunatly) and a place for my family to post news, photos etc.
Considering placing some of my songs up there too.
use mine for personal stuff: mainly programming: code, tests, various things
and a blog
create a personal website for web design, art, and flash works
i use my for a clansite, records and stuff like that.. pretty neato
I will use it for personal stuff, links to bands like that.
I want to use the free space as a portfolio as i am a freelancer.I think the no ads +php feature is awesome.The only thing it needs is SSH access but hey no need get overwhelmed...
I have a guitar website.... I plan on putting tabs on it
i have php nuke installed. I shoulld really upload more content.
Mine just has a title picture and the words "Under Construction" right now.

Rolling Eyes

eventually looking to build a page for my D&D stuff to go, forum/community.
So far, I've only used my space to host a fan/help website for this virtual pet site. x__X I've had the space for a long time but I haven't really used it to its full potential.
Well I use it for learning, family, my little sisters like visiting my website for some odd reason. I am learning to code better ( which i self taught myself) , learning new web-development languages is tough be challenging. I will be making PHPBB modifications as soon at phpbbRC1 is released. Coming to this form everyday is now a part of my daily routine. Don't wanna lose my frihost hosting. Laughing
raine dragon
I would like to use mine to host a personal website containing my recent works. I suppose it would be a bit like an extended art/web design/web development portfolio.
I use to use my space for scripts and other personal things..Now I just use it to host my personal website which i plan to probably use for school a little later on in the year...I took my scripts down and havent put them back up because.....the mods know why Smile
i run a forum, host a few pictures and thats about it, thinking of using more frequently now that i seem to have more time on my hands
I'll be using it for my personal online resume for interested parties or companies to view. I'm out of job currently. In fact for 5 months already and I'm desperate to get something started. I'm using all kind of ways that I can think of to make myself unique from others. Hopefully, I'll get a job soon...
I am just using the hosting to create and test websites as I can't test PHP on my computer.
When I first started, it was merly a free website hosted on Yahoo! Geocities. Then it elvolved into some way cooler and a lot more fun! I got a TLD domain which basicly is my name only with at the end. Very Happy To answer your question, my site was personal, but now its a lot of fun!
I used to use it for a Rammstein Tribute website, but now I'll use it as a personnal art gallery !
Oh, an advertising opportunity I see, pity I didn't get my reply on the first page. Very Happy

I use my FriHost web space for 3 main purposes:
To host my website
To host my forum
To test out games and scripts

Originally, I wanted my web space as a testing-ground for a complex Flash game that I am slowly creating, currently it's in the prototype stage. This is still my websites primary function.

However, I also want it to be a games website - consisting of games that I have made myself. Currently there is one working game up, however I will add more when I make them (ideas and inspiration is welcome, please feel free to PM me with any Flash game ideas and if I like your idea enough I will hopefully make the game a reality. Of course, when I have the time - over the next 4 weeks or so I will be very busy, however soon I will be free for a long while).

My forum is hardly used at all now, however it once was. I would love people to join and start up posting again, but I'm not too bothered about it anymore. Just having a forum has been an invaluable experience! I also test out php files 'behind the senses' as it were.
I used mine to create a fan community for fans of Supernatural, Buffy, Charmed, Anita Blake, and other shows and novels in that genre. If you like shows about peope who hunt evil supernatural type creatures (like demons and vampires), check it out. I've got forums, and fan-fiction, and lots of other stuff.
I'm actually using my host to build an online horse Sim game, with my knowledge of PHP and mySQL.
Use it for hosting my forum, the SQL, bandwidth and everything else is just right for the size of my forum.
I use it as my own personal site showcasing my artwork/comics and animations along with other's that I feel are good.

Version 4 should be up by tomorrow, Tuesday.
I need it not to upload personal photos or personal music. I will needed to show coworkes important information to do business. Also, banners of my the business. stuffs like that.
I use it for the lovely personal website I know as Mostly, it's just there as a place to put the various little useless projects I code in PHP to entertain myself.

I find it so weird when other people actually look at the thing.
I'm using my hosting package as an online horse SIM game.
but i think i may have to change servers and hosts once my game starts to evolve and gets bigger and bigger but lets just hope it does not get so big as i have to change from frihost to something else as frihost is the best host I've used anyway.
I use my hosting space to host my website which is a forum. I have been moving this forum from one free host to another and currently I'm hosting it in frihost. It is a forum with nearly 100 posts a day. The forum is used just to discuss anything that the members have in mind. There are also flash games that the members can play.
I use my hosting space to host my website for school class. I really love so much space because I don't have to bother where to upload multimedia files. I will also probably made personal website and host in beside current website on this account.
As of this morning (when I got approved), a political blog.
Currently, I'm using my space to host my personal weblog. Futurely, I'm thinking of using it to manage a fanlisting collective, or a site about Sonic the Hedgehog.

My weblog: (as you can see, I'm a real Sonic fan Very Happy )
I am using the space for our Cricket Clubs site.
We need some info canal to our players and other interested people.
So anything that is hot or news in our club is posted on it...
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