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I want ho hear your comments !!!!!
The top menu and header look real good.... those are keepers...

after that, it gets a little 'geocities'... The clock and the sheep following the cursor are cutsy, but out of style. The animated bottom logo is fluff, and doesn't contribute anything positive.

The translation to english is real rough. it's readable, but a very tough read.

not all of the bottom links are on the top menu, nor do they all consistently point to the english pages.

<link href="file:///C|/Documents and Settings/Darko Zdravkovic/Desktop/stil.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

If this style sheet is important, need to fix it's link.

I put the original through the validator, and it looks like most errors were .tk problems. but try your originals here:
That sheep got a little annoying after a while following my cursor around. The header is good and I like the rollovers, very nice. Now this is what I think:

The header is mainly green and silver/grey. Then all of a sudden after that its a dark background and a bright enough green font which I dont like because I and probably many other people start getting sore eyes trying to read it.

I think if you continued on with a nice grey/silver for the background that blends in with the header it would look better.

I always say thsi when I see hit counters on sites:
I really dont think they should be there where everyone can see because if the figures on it are very low then your site looks very bad and if there too high it looks fake. Like as soon as I saw your one I said to myself those figures are fake and it gave me bad feeling about the site immediately.

Those green images that are above everything:
They are rectangular but you can get more of a oval shape them. I think you should make them oval with transparent backgrounds so that it would get rid of the sharp corners.

If you are using a free domain name I think you should or the fhihost one because where the .tk position their ads at the very top is very bad for you but obviously good for them because its kind of the first thing you see when you enter your site.

It's all the little things that really matter and make a big difference. Keep trying.
Thx. I'll try to make my site better
{name here}
Because you choose to use .tk, I can't even visit your site! Use's domains if you want to use quality domains that should work in every browser everywhere.
You can open my site at , too
I have tried to fix some design errors. look now and post comments here
{name here}
Sheep = no. Just no cursor trailers. The underlying code seems a bit archaeic, but it might be just because I see that it is capitalized. Good that you are using alt, but also use them on your spacers(blank) so that you are sure to not have a problem on a text browser. The borders for your menu tables do not show up properly in at least opera, I believe. Other than that is looks fine. The content seems fine.
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