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does anybody remember FALLOUT games?

i really love these games, they are 10 year old but for pc...they still rock...
and at the end of this year we will have the most expect sequel...can t wait for it..RPG rules Very Happy Very Happy
I recently played part I and currently I'm halfway in II. I've played Tactics too, but it doesn't quite 'grow' on me like the others.

But, the first two were absolutely awesome. There's a lot of tactics involved and much less luck and/or reflexes. (which I absolutely love in a game)

For kicks, did anyone play Planescape: Torment? That game really had the best story ever. I adored that one, really.
Fallout I was awesome...enjoyed it and the humor too (for the little cartoon guy symbols). Planescape Torment had a great story, but man was it creepy. Just got weirder and wierder the more you played, but still cool. Haven't tried Fallout 2 yet. I'll have to look it up.
Fallout was a great game, and had tons of style too. Even the manual was fun to read through, with all the humor in it, including end of the world recipes and other nonsense things thrown in there just for fun. Long live Vault 13. I only hope that Fallout 3 can live up to the awesome of Fallout 1 and 2.
Fallout 3... It's a topic where hope is pointless. Fallout 1 and 2 (first one was better) has no equal. Bedhesda might be good at making The Elder Scrolls games, but Fallout must stay isometrical. It must be dialog-based, not action-based. No fallout player wants to play FPS version of fallout...
Kitten Kong
I LOVE Fallout, but I can never play it now because the combat is just soooooo slow and ponderous. The story, multiple solutions, post apocolyptic goodness. But damn that combat is slow.
i would love to see a fps version of fallout. i dont know about you but damn that would be awesome. just because it is fps doesn't mean it still can't have all the greatness of the 2d overhead view. dialoge can still be read or said or both and mmorpg would make it even sweeter. which is what i think they are working up
ye, except the slow battles.. I love the fallout games Smile still play them sometimes when I got a few free hours Smile great games Smile
darth_revan wrote:
No fallout player wants to play FPS version of fallout...

I loved Fallout. I loved Oblivion. Hearing about Bethesda taking up the Fallout series made me wonder what it'd be like to walk through wastelands shooting mutants...

Okay, you got me there. That would suck. Fallout needs tactics, not Elder-Scrolls- (or worse, any futuristic FPS-) style battles.
Actually, there was a Fallout mod for Half-Life. It's nothing to do with the RPGs, but it was pretty fun to play in Fallout-style post-apocalyptic settings, with Fallout weapons.

If you guys like Fallout, you might be able to get into Wasteland, the game that both Fallouts (I don't count Tactics, it was a bastard stepchild Rolling Eyes) were based on. You can find it on Apple ][ (the platform I first played it on) or for DOS. The graphics are very basic (obviously), but it's hell of fun, and has a fantastic storyline to boot. I suggest getting AppleWin (a ][e emulator) and try to find the disk images online -- wait a sec... here:

OK, now get playing! I expect you to tell me all about your dealings with Fat Freddy and his crew, post haste!
I played no 1 n no 2 all to the end...

Yes, they are great ones. My tactic was to get good with my hands n punch the opponents to death... I alwas had 95% chance to hit... N with nuclear glows Smile)

Truely so great games with many good substories.
I absolutely loved the fallout character creation system. I loved the jinx defect.

FYI: As of this posting: 20 days till the teaser for fallout 3.
They can be found at

Looks like the setting is somewhere near Washington DC
Oh man, I hope FO3 is as good as the tech demo from the aborted Van Buren (?) project, that got passed around a couple of weeks ago. They basically made a 3D engine from scratch and had it set up to look like FO1/2, but generated in real time. I almost cried.

I'm biting my nails in anticipation.
Darn... why tease us with a countdown timer before the teaser comes out? Smile
Kitten Kong
Ha, i was at EBGames yesterday and i see a box claiming to have Fallout 1, 2 and 3. I thought this was interesting seeing as there is no fallout 3. Of course it turned out to be tactics.
Man, tactics was such a letdown. I'm thinking of reinstalling 2, but I have so many other games taking up my time... do I try something I don't know is good, or re-play something I know is fantastic? Decisions, decisions....
Gagnar The Unruly
I beat Fallout 1, and played Fallout 2 until I got to the millitary depot or whatever (it was a long time ago but I think I was about 3/4 of the way through). I was shooting my way through the depot, when I had some save files corrupted and lost hours and hours of progress. I was too depressed to continue Sad.

BTW, Planescape: Torment is one of my all time favorite games, ever. Great story, and very creative. It ranks right up there with Baldur's Gate 2, in my mind.
Wow, I remember that...especialy since it was one of my first RPG's.

I still remember the joy in a new acquisition, the happiness of helping others, the rush of battle, and the fun in haggling...and thievery Twisted Evil .

All in all, a golden oldie. Thanx for the memmories
Oh, that game.
I bought it at the thrift store, played it once, and then I gave it to someone.
Alamon wrote:
Wow, I remember that...especialy since it was one of my first RPG's.

I still remember the joy in a new acquisition, the happiness of helping others, the rush of battle, and the fun in haggling...and thievery Twisted Evil .

All in all, a golden oldie. Thanx for the memmories

Hmm, I really don't know about thievery. It's just like many other aspects of the game... you can always succeed, as long as you're willing to save/reload often enough.
Fallout was one of those games where you could take out a lot of challenge by abusing the save system -- I think I did that a lot when I was younger without noticing it. Then again, I hate it when designers today abuse the save system to add difficulty to the game without having to think about it -- see for instance Devil May Cry 3, where you have to start large portions of the game over if you die, or use up a (very expensive) continue gem.

I'd rather new games (like Fallout 3) let you save anywhere, and choose for yourself whether to abuse that system or not, than force you into additional difficulty. Diablo II handled it well with hardcore mode -- self-imposed optional "real" death. I'd like to see more systems like that.
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