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Problem with my USB ports!


I have a little problem here with the USB ports on my laptop.

When I plug in the power the USB ports "shuts" down, and don't work.. And then I have to restart my PC.

But when my laptop is OFF and plug in the power and boots, everything works normal.

I have tried to format and reinstall and tried another power supply, but nothing have changed.

Any suggestions?

Could you try and give us a little bit more information. You say :-

When I plug in the power the USB ports "shuts" down, and don't work

Do you mean that when you plug the power supply into your laptop the USB ports stop working?

Also you say that:-

But when my laptop is OFF and plug in the power and boots, everything works normal.

Do you mean that by plugging in your external power supply first and then booting the laptop the USB ports work ok?

The power supply on most laptops does nothing more than to supply a regulated voltage to the laptop to enable both charging of the internal battery and allow running from mains power source, i would think it highly unlikely that the PSU itself would be at fault.
Thinking about the symptoms logically it seems like it could be a hardware fault on the motherboard i guess the only way you could tell for sure would be to try a different OS or maybe a live linux CD to see if you get the same problem when you hook up your power supply, if you do still get the problem then i would think the problem is with the hardware.

You say that you have tried re-installing you OS so to me it seems rather unlikely that it is a software / OS problem.

Try and give a little more info if you can so maybe we can help a little more.

Hello again, and sorry for the bad english Razz

Yes, my USB ports stops working when I plug the power supply into my laptop.
And if I try to plug in my external power supply first, then boot, all seems to work great.

I don't know what else I have to say. But it seems that the laptop gets more power then it should have, so it cuts off the USB ports. But the FW, PS/2 and S-Video works great.

My laptop is an Targa Traveller 836W MT34
turbosquid is correct. you mights also check if you can update your Laptop BIOS. not sure how though. One this is for sure. check on your manufacturer's website if you can see forums then ask it there. or maybe you can google the problem. you might find someone who has experienced the same issue.

if still you're not able to fix it. Just go to any authorized repair shop.
No problem, your English is fine Smile

From what you say it sounds very much like a hardware problem, I'm not to sure how to prove or disprove this other than to take the machine to a certified repair shop. But it does seem unlikely that the problem as described would be a software issue, especially after a re-install.

If I can lend this topic and describe my own problem...
I have 4 USB ports one the motherboard. One USB port is working perfectly for are devices but another 3 ports only works with very few devices and only if there are already manufacturer's drivers installed on computer. For example, if I put USB disk into USB port, I receive message: USB device could not be recognized. I also get this message for many other devices. Does anyone has any idea how to solve that problem? I already tried to installed new software for my motherboard and bind new bios but it didn't help.

Thank you for help
I have the same problem with my USB card. If you have a card that isn't working, then try putting it in a different slot, or try cleaning it. If it's inbuilt usb, take it to a repair shop. Best advice i can give. Wink
which usb device you are using..
For the laptop: It sounds like a hardware problem, but it sounds to me, that the problem is, in the way that your software, collaborates with the hardware;

When you plug the power supply, your computer tries to change the settings. It Changes settings that have to do with power management, consumption, output, screen brightness, etc...

It looks to me, like if something is going wrong during this proccess. When did the problem start? DO you remember doing something? (installing a program, changing a setting, throwing your laptop on the floor Wink ) .
Try to find if anything else malfunctions as well. Also see at the device manager, if your computer is allowed to disable the usb ports to limit power consumption.

For the other problem: Going to the repair shop doesn't worth it; Get a new one if you are planning to go there.
It sounds a bit confusing, because if 1 port is working properly, this means that the usb controller is ok. So, the other usb ports should work as well. Try to find if something has damaged the connection, or... ?
Do you have usb devices that require a lot of power permamently connected to the port? This could cause the rest of the usb ports to malfunction if the controller doesn't get much power...

Hope i helped, have a nice day Cool
hmm.. I think man above me are right... If you shut down a pc, then unplug some usb device, and then turn on it, it'll search for the "unplugged device" and got malfunction...

say, what did you put on that malfunction usb port? USb disc? Optical Mouse? Printer? or hairdryer maybe?

If you use hardware like optical mouse, printer or something like that, I think you should keep in mind to use same port every time you plug it in... ( i remember when I put my optical mouse at first usb slot, and then unplug it when it's offline, and put in on the 2nd usb port... It's malfunction ^^)
On board USB ports can only provide about 500ma each to power whatever you may plug into them.

If one port requires more current it will steel it from the others so it will seem they are not working (they're not !).

If you have a lot of USB devices being used you should get an external, POWERED USB box this will provide the power required for your devices.

As a rule of thumb a mouse will require about 40ma and a digital camera about 500ma.

Another thing about USB in general is that the ports are realy a software thing.
This means that they take processor power to use so the more USB devices you plug in the more your processor is used polling these ports instead of doing it's proper job of performing the math for running programmes and looking after the general IO of your machine.

Have fun !
keep the power pull off your ports, get a powered usb hub, plug everything into the hub, then you should have no problems like you described when pluggin into your usb ports...
OK, I work in a computer repair shop and I've seen issues like this before, but, as always, there are a couple possible problems and a few different solutions.

First: check to see that the voltage on the power supply is correct. Even if it came with the computer it might not be exactly right for the system and thus causing a motherboard overload that isn't quite killing the system but coming close.

Second: Back up your files and reload the OS, and make sure you get all of the updates (OS updates from microsoft, and driver updates from the manufacturer. warning: microsoft likes to update drivers too and shouldn't be trusted - trust only the manufacturer). I know that this is a hard thing for some people to do, but you should have good backups of your data to begin with and the biggest problem you should be facing is reloading your OS and programs. If you do good backups then you can reformat/reload at the drop of a hat.

Third: there might be a motherboard issue in your case. Often times I have to just replace the motherboard in laptops and desktops in order to get around these qwirky behaviors. Expensive I know, and you'll probably opt to just reboot the system, but if a working system is what you want then you might have to go to extremes to fix it. This particular motherboard issue sounds like the MOBO might be going bad to begin with and might not have much life left in it.

You'll only be able to figure it out if you reload the OS. I read an earlier response and someone was talking about power saver settings of a laptop when switched from AC to battery power or visa versa. Make sure you try several different USB devices to produce this result as it might be the USB device you are plugging in that is causing the issue as well. Well, thats "four" possabilities.

1. AC adaptor too strong (causing conflict when laptop switches to powered USB ports. btw, two kinds of USB: powered/unpowered. laptop might turn off powered USB ports to conserve in battery mode)

2. Reload OS and drivers from manufacturer to illiminate software conflict or other issues.

3. Replace MOBO after you've tried reinstalling OS and drivers.

4. Try a couple different USB devices to make sure that it's the port and not the device.

5. Do your data backups now!! Right now. Anyone who's reading this, cause this might be your last chance.
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