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Automatic File Uploader Anyone?

I have an urgent problem where I need to detect that a new file has become available in a directory then, immediately, upload it to an internet file store via an always-on broadband connection.

PC (Windows XP based). The file store I'm using can accept FTP connections (I'm not sure what else).

The characteristics of the file are that it is created by another application (that doesn't have the feature I need) but is not available for upload for a few minutes - sometimes longer - while the application that created it is populating it. The uploader, therefore, needs to detect the new file then wait until it is closed before the actual upload is triggered.

Any thoughts, anyone?
if the filename is always the same, you could schedule your ftp client to upload the whole folder every hour to your remote server. im not sure which free software can do this but a google search for "auto upload ftp" should give you some clues

if you can map your remote drive as a windows drive, you can always create a batch script to copy the file/folder to the remote drive every hour (again teh same idea)

if you give some more details as to what the remore storage place is and what exactly u need to upload etc it might be easier to help Smile
The file needs to be uploaded as soon as it's ready. It's a CCTV security application so I need it to be gone before the hard drive it's on has been nicked! Laughing

Your answer is thought-provoking, though. If I can map the remote drive as a network drive (or similar) I might be able to create the file directly on the remote drive. That would be even better as it would mean improved security. I'll do some digging.

Many thanks!
Back again after doing a little research.

Mapping a web drive doesn't appear to give access to it in the same way as a local drive. I can copy files to it, but I can't use an application to create the files on the drive directly.

It does appear to be possible, however, to use WebDAV to map web drives that work like local drives - but only if the host accepts WebDAV connections.

I have only been able to find such hosts who require payment (usually monthly), or educational establishments who require the user to be a student at their facility. I really don't want to commit to a contract of any sort until I have, at least, proved that what I am trying to do actually works.

Does anyone know of a public access free WebDAV service?
I'am going to google one for you.
If I got it, I post here. Smile
sush gives you a storage account with WebDAV, check their FAQ on how to add to your Network Places in Win XP.

Anyway, if you're dealing with images, which is quite similar to a webcam uploading an image every 10sec or so, you could try James' Webcam publisher (available on sourceforge).

Let me know.
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