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I downloaded the program from and I noticed that when you download/install it, whenever you open a conversation with someone on MSN messenger, this things comes like "Get the best msn names from, they're free!" over and over again.

How do I get rid of it now? I already deleted and uninstalled from the program remover/installer and deleted it from recycle bin, SO HOW CAN I GET RID OF THE THING THAT COMES WHENEVER I TALK TO SOMEONE?
You've been owned.
Try a good a good anti-spyware, anti-malware program such as spybot: search and destroy
Edit: The program I suggested is free, and I know from personal experience that it is effective. Nor does it add in its own spyware, as some so called anti-spyware programs do.
In the future try avoiding sites like these. The McAfee SiteAdvisor says it's a no no. Here is what a user said:
This site distributes adware. The site owner has been careful to use different names and addresses in the registration information (most likely, they are fraudulent) for his/her different sites as well as run them from different servers with different IP addresses. This makes it more difficult to track down clones, a highly favored approach of the scammers. The site is a clone of these sites:

The first three of these sites are rated RED by SiteAdvisor. I reviewed the fourth ( almost three months ago and it STILL does not have a richly deserved RED rating. In most cases, the download link for the above sites point to the same IP address (, which is also the IP address for

If you are using Fire Fox, you should download the SiteAdvisor add on.

Another good spy ware destroyer is Ad-Aware SE Personal. Also free to download, just search it up.
I would have to agree with everyone else, you have been hit by spyware. Ad-aware and spybot are what we use at work. I work for a school district, teachers and kids are always downloading spyware. We have both pieces of software loaded on all of our images.

Hopefully the spyware can be removed with one of the above programs, however if you continue to have problems after running those, you may need to do a search on the internet to see if there is a special program you need to run to remove it. Just be carefull not to download another piece of spyware. And as a last resort you can always reloaded your computer.
Dang did you git it all figured out ?? well i wish you good luck!! Happy posting!!
I have no idea how to help you. I have something called firewall on my computer, i haven't a clue what it is but it often pops up telling me it has blocked a virus (i think it expects an applause or something) Anywho if you were looking for a name that may be it. Good Look!
Reformat your computer because you got virused. Use GAIM for instant messaging.
<The website was changed, my apologies, I will post if I find it!>
I would definitely recommend SpyBot: Search & Destroy and AdAware SE Personal Edition.

I would also highly recommend switching to Avast! Antivirus which has great real time protection which Ive installed on my home computers and friends computers to combat spyware, trojans, and viruses. So far Ive seen a big performance increase since I've changed from Norton also I've eliminated some viruses that norton couldnt even find.
One thing I've learned from my time online is not to download useless stuff I'm not completely sure they're safe. Sites offering stuff for messaging software, or games, or cracks/keygens, are usually the most dangerous ones. Suspect any and all ".exe" or ".scr" files. Always watch out for popups or banner ads offering you stuff or claiming that your computer is not protected against viruses, spyware, malware, hackers, etc too. Websites that ask you to download or install weird software to access stuff are to suspect too (unless it's something about JAVA or Macromedia Flash, these are usually safe). And I don't need to mention websites with porn banners, do I?

Get AVAST! and AdAware SE Pro, like DeFwh suggested, and make regular system scans and updates.

Bad stuff happens. Good luck next time. Cool
Blaster wrote:
Reformat your computer because you got virused. Use GAIM for instant messaging.

Isn't that a bit extreme? Just uninstall Messenger, run AdAware and Spybot:S&D, and then re-download and install the latest version of messenger. Don't use a file that you already have, the plug-in could have tainted it to ensure that it always comes back.
Spybot and Adaware are great programs, but you have to complement them with Gmer and HijackThis! Cool
maybe try to reinstall MSN. Or just use msn messanger
well if he has a virus then you sould get rid of it not use spyware removal progs, you need to download AVG or somethin, or you can go to there's a free online scan that would get rid of anything that it finds Smile good luck and happy posting!!!!
use mcaffee or spyware doctor and Scan your whole Pc, may be it will figure it out the problem and Delete that spam message or ad in your msn. hopefully it Works
This might help you , scan your pc with antivirus and remove all harmfuls, then uninstall msn messenger and reinstall it after restart your pc.But what is the job of your topic in general chat forum, I don't understand it Laughing
Yeah, SpyBot: Search and Destroy and AdAware SE are good and they're free. Personally, they have saved me from many headaches brought about by these spywares. If nothing happens upon using SpyBot and AdAware, try PrevX, it's good also. It has a 30-day free trial period, with all the updates and utilities just same with teh registered copy. It saved me many times.
SpyBot is good, but the only one I have found to get rid of every SPYWARE program that I have ever had is SpySweeper from WEBROOT. You can get a trial copy that is fully functional to get rid of your problem.
Never get into the MSN Messenger hacks. Microsoft wont help you because I beleive (correct me if I'm wrong) have stated in their TOS that your not allowed to modify there product.
i would uninstall and reinstall msn messenger just to give it a try, if the problem still exist i would reformat my computer and start fresh.
There is a sea of other opinions here, but I'll offer mine, too because I disagree with most of what's here.

You have 2 options:

-Try to clean it up (not preferred): uninstall Messenger and whatever antivirus you are using. Install AVG Free from Grisoft (google it) and update it. Install Spybot: Search and Destroy and have it update. Install Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition, and have it update. Now, scan away--do a full scan with each one of them and delete any entries that come up. Reboot and do it again. When you are sure you are clean, run Microsoft Updates manually ( you will have to use Internet Explorer for it to work) and get everything there. Now, feel free to reinstall MSN messenger, and see if you are good. If not, you may need to do the next option.

-Reformat and reinstall Windows. A bit drastic, and not really for the faint of heart; you will need either a Windows disc with key, or a Restore disc of some sort. Back up everything you want to keep to CD or flash drive. Get all the drivers for your system; they will be at the manufacturer's website. Boot to the Windows disc (put it in, turn the computer off and back on). Delete the partition that's there, and reinstall. Reinstall any necessary drivers, and follow the steps under the next heading here.


-Use Mozilla Firefox, not Internet Explorer: this is a general safety precaution; besides, you'll like Firefox because it's faster and more consistent.
-Fully update your system as soon as you can. Assume that Windows' Auto-updater isn't working and something like once a month, go to and pull down at least all the high-priority updates. These fix holes in the security of your computer.
-Use anti-virus. I suggest AVG Free Edition from Grisoft because it's free and it's just a stripped down version of their commercial product, and it updates daily usually. Set it up to strip executables from e-mail (if you don't use some form of webmain).
-Don't, don't DON'T DON'T download ANYTHING from a non-reputable source. EVER. How do you know if they are reputable? Have you heard of them? No? Then they are probably not reputable.

If you need more detailed instructions on any of this, let me know.

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