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Desktop Defence


Really addicting and fun game to play. Post your highscores. Trust me, you'll be addicted within the hour.
I've been playing this the last few weeks and yes, it is addictive. Definitely the best tower defence game i've played, coz the creeps don't have a set path and you have to build the maze. What kinda maze do you normally go for jynxanims? My girlfriend hates me playing it, so I have to hide it when she comes in lol.

My best score at medium is 6962.
Hard is about the same, though I never saved my score.
hmm, and on 'the 100' challenge I managed to get up to about level 70.
hey, maybee we should make a frihost group to save the scores?
Thats a good idea. I set one up on my other forum I'll set one up...eventually...
just made one, you can add your scores to the 'frihost' group now Smile
Heh, I must agree it's very addictive, haven't got myself a fancy highscore yet, still trying to find "good" way to build the maze.
I'm not able to kill some of the bosses cause my towers ain't doing enough damage, I get lost in building a maze so I forget to upgrade -.-

This game remembers me to Masters of Defence on Almost thesame but many times better. Smile
At first I didn't think it was a flash game and you're supposed to download a program and play on your desktop. Very Happy

Yeah it's pretty fun but I'm not really addicted to it...yet.
Agreed. Fun, but not addicted.
If anyone's interested, This game now has a multiplayer version, which gives it an extra twist I think. You can play up to 8 players at a time and use superweapons on other players. They are working on some more multiplayer games for the site, at the moment this is the only one up.
At the moment it's invite only so I generated some keys:
Let me know if more keys are needed.
Hehe, I love this type of games. I played Desktop Defence few times but it was long time ago, but i know similar game Xeno Tactic(actually based on Desktop Defence). Check this topic Very Happy
haha this is a good game to play if you really have nothing better to do
I love tower defense type of games ;] I think there was a mini game like that in Warcraft 3? To defend some passage from upcoming waves of monsters by building various towers, it was really awesome.
In this desktop tower game I only got barely through second difficulty level ;p It's really fun though and addictive.
Loads of user-made Warcraft III scenarios were in fact Tower Defense types. Blizzard even made an official one to come with the expansion I believe. (and the bonus level was one too, come to think of it)

The best TD's, in my opinion are the ones like this one - where you get to build your own pathways where the monsters move in between. Most others have the monsters move in predictable paths where you cannot build towers in their way. The first type is much harder to make but I think it's much more enjoyable.
Fire Boar
That's a great game! Took me ages to work out that you had to build them a maze though...
Sweet game, I like it. Thanks for sharing Wink.
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