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Intel Pledges 80 Cores In Five Years

This is very interesting. I am not an Intel fan, I am an AMD fan, but looking around I was directed to a site that explained Intel will have an 80 core processor within 5 years.

I myself, believe that Intel has they're work cut out for themselves. Think about it, 80 cores within five years time? You would think of an 8 core processor within that time, but 40 times as many cores as todays popular dual core processor?

You can find the topic here if you are interested:
It also requires the entire arctic ocean to cool it.
LMAO, that's awesome hahaha, and so true lol!
Not really, the quad cores produce less heat than older, single-core Northwoods. "So True?" Well, what is true is that my e6300 gets better load temps than my opty 146 did, only the e6300 was on the stock heatsink when I measured, and the opty 146 was on a Blue Orb II.

I don't think that 80 cores on the current 65nm process is possible. They would have to go tiny, which would leave no tolerance for overclocking, and make me quite sad. Razz

I don't think 80 cores is the future, unless apps go entirely multithreaded. I think that the best way to improve is to work on faster architectures that can handle more operations / sec.

I say good luck to Intel with this one. At this point, 80 cores seems kinda dumb.
The 80 core version is not going to be for our desktops definitely!

Maybe Google's and YouTube's servers would find those 80 core versions useful.

Anyways, it is already old news that there are processors already in the market which have as many as 32 threads running on a single chip (Niagara from Sun) Smile Used mainly for internet computing which requires very high throughput..
Dual and Quad cores, or even the Opteron cores were all originally designed for servers. Look where they are now. Server technology and desktop technology isn't different at all. Take for example the Xeon series. Most have standard or similar Conroe equivalents. Same with the Optys. I fully agree the form factor, OS, RAM, drive controllers, and especially the motherboards are different, but the core architectures for desktops and servers are almost always the same.
Don't you mean it's only 10 times more then what we have today?

Apple has released it's Mac Pro with 8 cores (2 quad core xeons). Plus it's possible even today to have 16 cores inside one computer. It's really not an impressive feat to have 80 cores. Truely its only 5 times more.

Plus, Most windows apps even windows itself doesn't take advantage of all these cores.

Mac OS X and Linux are the way to go if your looking for More then one core support.
It is total possible, and been in the works for awhile but I think it will take a long time for Intel to release them for the home PC. My reasoning being that they have 8 core CPUs but only really push the Core 2 Duos, and it will be over two years before they start really marketing the Quad Cores, just because they want to milk all the money they can out of the market before moving on.

What we need is stronger compatistion for AMD and max out the highend CPUs.
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