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My Cat Family

Ok, anyone likes cats?
I doo.
They are sweet, nice, and much more.
I got 8 cats (my old cat Sivka borned 5 little sweets yesterday ^^)
The oldest one is Sivka
Then her 2 daughters - Jožek and Tačka ^^
Now i have a horde of cats, which dont have names yet.

Anyone haves some cats? I wish to know about that.
All my cats are gray, white and black.
Hm, anyone gives Whiskas to his pets? ^^
I have a cat named Allie. I've had her for about three years now. She's black with brown spots, you could say calico.

My mom got her for me when I moved into my apartment, before I got my roommate, so that I wouldn't be so lonely Embarassed .

God bless,
I love cats! Though I only have 1, it's still a cat!

Though my cat has grown a bit fat over the years and doesn't catch the mice that show up every now and then in the house anymore...
I have a cat, his name is Adam. He is so silly! Here's a picture of him:

~love: nIkKi
I've got three cats at the moment.
Technically only two are mine, but they're all like family.
The oldest of mine is Mockqua (pron. mocha.. I was really young.. don't ask). I've had her for about nine years and she's my world. She's a bit fat black and white thing, but she's too vain to take being called fat very lightly.

We also have her sister, who's my sister's cat. Same age, but more of a brown tabby type color with white markings. She's fat and very pretty.

And I have Mockqua's son, Twitch. We ran out of names and he twitched in his sleep. He's a brown tabby, about three years old I think and is a lovebug. But we think he may be a bit brain damaged sometimes.

We used to have ten cats. Three of Twitch's siblings (Lost Soul, Sheeka and Latina), but Lost Soul died the day we moved and the other two we had to give away. There was also Xander, Angelus, Spike. They had another sibling, Riley, but he died young. Those three we had for about a year, but had to give up when we moved. And the last was Dusty, who was really more feral than pet. He was a huge grey tabby, very much like his father Dusty the first. But he ran away. We're not quite sure what happened to him.

I hated giving up my babies )= But I still have Mockqua and Twitch <3 And I plan to get more when I move out.
Amazing cat, . . .
I need to give you some pictures of my little family Very Happy
My cats arent old, the oldets one is ofcourse Sivka, around 2 year, Jožek(do you now that Jožek is female) ^^ and Tačka will be around 15 April 1 year. Those little beings are now 3 days.

I will paste the picture tonight.
Manus et Therion
I have five cats now. Khali Ma is the mother, the four kittens I have remaining are Pinky, Yin, Yang, and Rogue. I gave Yahweh away to a friend who got injured and put on disability. He needed a companion.
i like cats very much,
however, i don't have one
you guys have a lot of cats. My friends used to have one fat cat which looks really stupid and lazy.. always walk for a few steps then fall on the ground (to take a rest) .. what a funny cat!
somehow i have 3 cats... i thought i had one but a year later... i have 3. i cant complain my favorite cat murphey is one of my best friends.. he digs watching cartoons all day....... as do i.
Silitheas wrote:
Amazing cat, . . .
I need to give you some pictures of my little family Very Happy
My cats arent old, the oldets one is ofcourse Sivka, around 2 year, Jožek(do you now that Jožek is female) ^^ and Tačka will be around 15 April 1 year. Those little beings are now 3 days.

I will paste the picture tonight.

Oh thanks Smile and I look forward to seeing pictures of your cats Very Happy
It's what our space here at frihost is about. Very Happy
The cats needed some Internet. Cool

Have six in the family, and one here as a guest. He'll propablly make them
a bit more in numbers... hm... flowers and bees. Embarassed
I have black cat
"Midnight Stalker"
I hate cats...
Congratulations with your litter. I’m very jealous – haven’t had a kitten in the house for over a decade. The last one to join the family was already a teenager when she moved in. Shame, she grew up in a cage, poor thing, but she’s quite happy now. Loves sleeping under the trees (which are directly under the open sky). One of the cutest little four legged people I know.
i have 2 fat cats at home! they are very lovely! both are grey in colour and 2years old.
I've got a little ginger tabby called Ninja who is 3 years old next month Very Happy

Here is a photo I took of him on my phone while he was eating:

I have a cat named Tesla. (As in the physicist Nikola Tesla, not the 80s rock band, I hadn't even heard of them until I told people my cat's name.).

This is the first time I'm living somewhere that actually allows animals larger than guinea pigs. If dogs were allowed I probably would've considered a dog, but still ended up with a cat. I'm not home very often (due to school) and though my cat misses me and sometimes falls asleep at the front door waiting for me, a dog just wouldn't handle a long period of time.

Speaking of cats I better run out and get more food today. Tesla is running low.
Silitheas wrote:
Hm, anyone gives Whiskas to his pets? ^^

Missed that one in my first post here. It happens, but never as food. Doens't have
all the nutrition they need, but it works as candy. We use a Swedish brand called
'Mjau', both cheap and healthy. When with kittens we also use Royal Canin. That
does the trick. Razz
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