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should i go for a coaching class

I have interest in designing and want to be a good logo designer and a web designer adhering to the latest trends. Should I join any institute this summer hols so that I can develop skills. But sure its costly its like between $300 and $410
yeah coahing from a guud insttitude will help... but nothing is gud as self-learn. but anyways wat r u going to do during summer. go for it. easy way round. money comes and goes.... just spend it lolz
A lot of pros I know don't take courses, but there are codes to how companies hire and make them.

It's good to take a course to learn how you're supposed to do it, get the basics then add your own style afterwards.

Learning your self will just steal other ppl's styles then not learn how to do it properly for companies and such.

Most people I know just do it for fun, not really really seriously, maybe a few webistes and such, but nothing for a massive corporation worth hundredsd of thousands.

I think you should go for the course.~
Hmmm, going to an organized class with a good teacher that really knows their stuff may be the easy way with the advantage that you have someone there to ask questions if you don't quite understand something.

On the other hand there are a lot of good free resources on the web and with a little self motivation (a valuable skill to exercise on it's own) you could probably learn just as much or more.

The disadvantage of the last option is you have to search for your own learning materials, you will have a hard time getting answers to questions you may have, and you might be actually learning stuff from way back in the internet dark ages (last year? Laughing ).

The advantages are that you will be learning from the best designers on the web, it'll be free (unless you buy a book or something), and some of the stuff you learn may actually be cutting edge techniques.

Oh and add to that you have some flex in your schedule for those really good days that are just too good to spend in a class room.

Here's a link to get you started :
Veerle is one of those folks you can really learn some cutting edge web design stuff and she created a hyperlinked PDF file with a lot of her favorite resources. Another site I thought was interesting is: It has some interestin articles on Design as well.
Have you looked in to the school to find out if they are reputable? Personally, I'd take the class if I had the money and the time and if the school was good.
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