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well im a cheap proffessional web design cheap and professional i hear you say yes im cheap as im still at college with knowledge expanding by the day and as for the crapy domain im waiting for my server to be set up take a loook give me some feedback
ill also offer discount to any one tht quotes this site has they have beeen goood to me
wanted to see it, but the page did not load.
oh god the crappy server its on atm is not goood try again if u want
hrm... if im choosing a web designer for my small business, your site poses a few problems...

it's really hard to see what is your work, and what is server added because of the domain redirection. I see frames, iframes, and table based layouts... not so hot...

i find it intriguing that you say you can code in php, yet don't use an external css.

start putting some more portfolio work up... so that we can see more of what you have done...

The JS time at the top of the page, cheesy....get rid of it.

sry to sounds harsh.... keep working on your site...
still no luck, sorry. I will bookmark it and view them later. Hope its nice.
First, go back and read benjad's post again. S/He makes some great points and you would do well to follow them.

I have a few points to add:
1. You have got to change the text on your homepage. I couldn't believe it when you said, "I'm not out to make lots of money and rip people off." It sounded far too cheesy and I probably would have stopped looking at the site right there. At this point in your career, you need to establish credibility and one way to do that is to learn the language of business. I admit, I'm still learning myself, but I know that the text you have does not rise to the business professional's standards. Get a good book on writing and writing for the web. If you are in college/university, take a writing class or business writing class. A few good books that have helped me are Writing with Style by John R. Trimble, Web Style Guide by Lynch and Horton, and Jakob Nielsen's site, especially his writing for the web section.

2. The overall design needs work. The blue is nice, but the overall design comes off feeling weak. The way you use photos is basic and it doesn't seem the images support the text or the design. It looks like you found some site with free stock photos and splattered those across your website. Images should add to the design, not detract from it. Also on your portfolio/services page, I would take off the Vale-Sprayers one. The yellow background hurt my eyes, especially after looking at the blue for so long.

These are some things to think about changing on your website. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.
Sorry to burst your bubble, BUT your portfolio examples:

The just keep getting worse Sad
I would suggest some photoshop tutorials then same basic html do's and do nots at W3school
Well first of all I dont liek the blue background. It seems too dark for me. Then the white font on top of that kind of hurts my eyes after looking at it for a while and maybe you could add some padding on the left for the text because it looks like its nearly on top of the background.

Some CSS rollovers would at least bring up the sites appearence. Not too bright tho or not too dark. Just use friendly colors.

The header. It just looks likes something stuff together on Photoshop in two seconds. I think that because the image of the keyboard looks very plain and dark, It's even hard to makeout what exactly it is at first because of the contrast. The font for the header, It's an ok selection but try and jazz it up a bit more. It looks very plain. Maybe a bit of gradient on Photoshop on it and shadow. Anything!

At the bottom the image from the site looks bad and the counter looks even worse. I always think this, counters on a site are a bad idea, a very bad idea. If the figures are low it makes you site very bad and like no one ever goes to it and it gives the visitor a sense that theres nothing worth viewing here and it the figures are really high it looks fake.

If you are trying to see how many hits your getting try doing it privately without letting everyone else see it. Just make a little PHP script that stores the information in a database or a text file.

Thats all im gonna say. I know it was kind of long but it needs mssive improvements. Keep trying.
its a dam goood job i can take cirticism the sites still a working progress but thanks for your views
well i have done a few improvements (i hope) just a bit of a change in graphics and more complete content now
what do you think about gooogle searchs on the site that can search the site
You still have that poor splash screen - it really is not good enough to have on there as a splash for a professional service as it looks like an amature creation.

loose the ads at the bottom & the hit counter - looks unprofessional.

Professionals dont give away freebies, so i'd loose the template and change em to samples.

Your CSS and layout is poor and lacks continuity.

Sorry if its all so blunt! Id rather be honest. If i were you i'd take a few design classes and refine your skill before trying to sell skills that dont quite cut it.

Why do i say all this: I'm afraid I wouldn't hire you after looking at the site.
what do u mean by the css lacks continuity its an external style sheet
as for the splash that shud have gone by now it was a mistake when muddled up with another site
i no there was some critisim about the graphic at the top so what do we think to these two new ones any better?

I like more the below one. It is cleaner and the idea will come better, also it is much lighter and more compact.
is better than the one that is currently on the site tho
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