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Research on Frihost users

Research on Frihost users.

I would like you to choose a random user on Frihost that you are not familiar with. Go to this user’s post and arrange them according to date. Evaluate the user according to the following criteria:

How have the quality of the posts of this user increased or decreased over time? Have the posts become shorter or longer?

What characteristics can you identify of this user? What does this user do for a living? How old are this user? Male or female? Programmer or just an ordinary internet user?

What is the particular interests of this person? In what forums does this user usually post in?

Any other interesting things about this user?

I would like you to do this research because we are what we post and it would be interesting to know what other people think of a person according to the posts that person makes.

The first person that I will research is Mordana. Her first post was on 2 March 2007 in the Introductions forum with the topic “Good Afternoon!”. Since she joined she made 60 points.

Her avatar is a baby and in her first post she used the words “lovely” and “jubbley” so according to that I guess she is a female.

The next 4 posts she made was all in the discuss world news forum. And then she went on and tried every forum you can imagine. Quite a risk taker.

She has some very interesting ideas and does not bother to let someone know if she differs with that person.

According to one post she made she would like a man with humour. According to an other post she made she likes to watch Star Trek Voyager over and over.

She also would like the super power of Immortality and / or Time Travel.
Quite geeky if you ask me. Smile

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This is a good idea...but what will you do about high posting members...I dare someone to do this about Blaster!
I don't think that it's a very nice idea as it may lead to quarrels between members.
Perhaps it'd be fun to do it without specifying the username. Then guess which user was scrutinized Laughing how 'bout that for a new forum game? The daily guess-the-number is kinda been there done that, huh?

But on a more serious note, I also think this would create unnecessary tension between forum members. "His avatar is.. er.. what the heck"
Interesting idea – only you need to become objective – calling her a geek is a bit bitchy, don’t ya think?

Wynand wrote:
Quite geeky if you ask me. Smile
reddishblue wrote:
This is a good idea...but what will you do about high posting members...I dare someone to do this about Blaster!

An excellant point, some of the senior members (not just staff) have thousands of posts....if you have the time to research them all (which can be done via the "memberlist" link at the top of every page...what good would come of it?

I [personally], am going to consider this topic as an invasion of privacy and -closed- until another staffer wishes it re-opened.
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