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Clean up the category summaries

Ok, my suggestion is that the summaries for all the forum categories on the frihost forum index should be cleaned. I say this because some of the summaries are short, others are long and well, most of them just don't read very well.

What I'm saying is that a moderator (or a whole lot of moderators) should get together and revise or rewrite the category summaries. What does everybody think?
Your suggestions on which ones to improve?

Personally, I don't find anything wrong with it, except maybe to change the description of the Announcements and Rules forum to include something like :- "Faqs and guides. Important. Read!" or something, and also of the Introductions forum. Sorry, but "Member Introductions" just doesn't cut it. Something like "Introduce Yourself here. Welcome!" (Lame, I know Sad)

Actually, thank you, jylan. I didn't give much thought to this before you said it.
Ok, for some of the ones that I really don't like...

Collecting postcards, old coins or something else? Have a favourite animal, pets and maybe a picture? Let us know!

Don't like it because the grammar isn't right and the thing about having a favourite animal pet or picture just shouldn't be there.

The music forum.

What's that supposed to mean? It also stands out because it doesn't describe the category like all the other summaries.

Almost every website uses and needs html. Cascading Style Sheets can be very handy.

Probably the one I hate the most. If you read it out loud it sounds silly, and it hasn't been written properly.
You're right that at least a few of them need to get new decriptions. However, Bondings has said something about a brand new home page, and that itself is likely to minimize the need for descriptions, I think.

In the meantime, I'll try to get some new descriptions with the other staff members... but it'll probably be a week or more.
Yea some of them need changing. But to be honest you get the point from it don't you? Do you read that description everyday? Does it matter that much.

I know a good one for music.

We all listen to it weather its rap or country hip-hop or rythem and blues. or even just the neighborhood band.

I like it. Very Happy
Blaster wrote:
We all listen to it, whether its rap, country, hip-hop, rhythm and blues. Or even just the neighborhood band.

Sorry, couldn't help myself...
Edit: Thank You Pampoon, I have fixed the "or" into an "and"
reddishblue wrote:
Blaster wrote:
We all listen to it, whether its rap, country, hip-hop, rhythm or blues. Or even just the neighborhood band.

Sorry, couldn't help myself...

Actually, speaking as a Cajun going to college very close to New Orleans, the genre is called Rhythm and Blues.

Blaster had it right Wink

God bless,
Just adding towards what should be considered for change ...

In response to having a 'serious art' forum and a personal art forum;
ocalhoun wrote:
Exactly why is the user art gallery insufficient?
Is it because it is focused around displaying art, and not about making it?
If so, a small change in the forum's description and rules would make it ideal for these purposes.

Suggested changes
  • Announcements & Rules
  • Introductions
  • Hobbies and Animals
  • Music
  • Html, CSS and Javascript
  • Personal Art Gallery
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