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Boyfriend and family problems

whats happened to me at the moment is that i have just found this guy and my parents are splitting up.

it's really hard for me at the min and i am running out of ideas.

The story is that he was little at the age of 12-13 and he was doing drugs... his parents now don't want to know him, he's 18 now and every time he try's to get them back they push him away. he went to rehab when he turned 14-15 and never tuched the stuff again. still 4 years after he stoped and him dad wont talk to him. and his mum doesn't want to hear it.
he's even scared to go drinking because he thinks that if he does then he will start up again...
Should i talk to his mum about it??
Like his dads comming down this weekend... and i don't know if i should do something about the fact that it's his dad and i should be prepared for a violent reaction between the 2 of them? or anything like that... if there is some one that thinks they could offer a suggestion please do...
I think that from what you said the guy's parents (or dad?) are very hostile and absolutely can't accept the guy back. So it might get all violent and stuff. But you could help explain things slowly and they might even listen to you. I'd say give it a go. Very Happy
I think you should probably try and talk to the parents, and make sure that they see light. He isn't still on drugs and has made every visible effort to wean himself off them.
Maybe, his parents have lost trust in him, which is not uncommon. But, it is time that they trusted him again, for if not for them, who else would trust him entirely?
kinda sad that they dont trust him, I know my parents lost trust in me lots of times when I still lived at home.. anyawys.. you should talk with his parents.. hope they'll forgive him.. sux to be left outside alone
Do not get involved. Putting yourself in the middle will make it worse on yourself and him. His parents will think he is even weaker because he has his girlfriend doing the talking for him. You didn't say how long you have been together so maybe you don't have the full story. Just his version.

Stay with him, give him your support and let him know you are there for him to talk to about this if he wishes. But, like I said do not get in the middle.

What happens if you and the parents get into an arguement, and later on while you two are still together he and his parents straighten their problems out. YOU will still be on the outs because in his parents eyes because you interferred in their matters to the point it got ugly.

Just be supportive......
He sounds like he is on a self destructive path and he needs moving away from this... but you cannot get overly involved..

Just be supportive and if you / he needs professional help - seek it asap
I really don't think you should play the middle man, it will usually result in both sides shooting the messenger.

These are his demons to tackle and he needs to face them, on his own time schedule. I think your place is to support him, remind him that he is worth alot to you, keep him from returning to a wayward path (thought you cannot force him to do that, but being there will probably convince him not to), and give him a bit of reprieve from such tension filled situations. Also, if he acts weird, don't take it personally, the ordeal will be over soon, and you don't wnat to damage it by freaking out when he has other things on his mind.

I would advise you to be there with him, but if things get heated, tactfully remove yourself from the situation, tell him where you'll be and that you love him or whatever stage you're at, and don't try to play mediator. Smile

Either they'll heal or they won't. You can't force anything.
Honestly, and this is from experience, I think the worst is being the middle man. You can be there, and be supportive for him in every way. But the parents need to come to their own conclusions about their son. There isn't a lot you can do to change that without meeting with either hostility, or end up getting the blame for it somehow.
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