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Who has an xbox 360 or ps3...which is better?

PS3 or XBox
 66%  [ 2 ]
 33%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 3

I beleive the ps3, for the future neways, is a sound investment. Especially for technology fanatics. It has all of the xbox 360 ability and more. It is kind of stupid and annoying that games for this console that actually challenge its graphical ability are not even being made yet (well they probly are but nothing has surfaced from the gaming business). i think ps3 definitely has the upper hand...its the price that hinders its sucess slightly, atleast for those on a budget. I have neither because i have invested in a gaming comp but i will get one at the end of this year. Any suggestion comments on which one is better?
Sorry but XBOX owns PS3, okay the graphics are slightly better but lets face it a graphics is nothing if there isn't any good games on it. All games released on PS3 are balls... and the console has no exclusives even Metal gear solid 4 has made its way onto the 360, Konami a developer that kept with Sony from the start... the choice is sooo obvious. Live is better anyway to anything the ps3 offers (which I haven't heard of yet)
All well and done but for future prospect the PS3 is the better choice. Even for now it's incorporated, standard, technology is way superior than that of teh xbox 360. Yes i do agree the live is better but only if you want to subscribe to that rubbish for a premium price. Yeh...if you got a wireless adapter then you can reep the benefits of the live membership but the ps3 has wireless capability out of the box. It also has blu-ray for the price thats worth it. Dont get me wrong i support both equally, if you asked me in 2006 i wuld of backed 360 all the way because i am an xbox original fan. However, i am beginning to be swayed just because of the feature rich package that sony offers. And if you want exclusivity then join a cult. In the gaming world its all about graphics, power and sleekness. I believe ps3 has them all. On the contrary xbox is very innovative and next gen in appearance and definitely is on top of what the current games can throw at it. But Ps3 capacitates for more. On my score that 3-2 for the ps3.
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