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DNS nameserver - zoneedit, other free service - unreliable ?

I bought a single domain name ( ) .But the registrar left me without nameservers.

So I used [url][/url] for managing my nameservers.

And hosted the site on frih. (On server 2 - It did have problems ? ...)


But, I see that several times (yes - many many several) I get this.


Unable to connect

Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at

* The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few

* If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network

* If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

P.S. (Also Internet Explorer says the same)

But if I refresh after some time, it loads. But again the same thing happens after a few minutes.


Now the question is :

Is it server which is busy ?

Is it zonedit which is unavailable ?

Is it my DNS registrar who doesn't give the address ?

Is it my net connection ? (my friends also occasionally tell me that my site is down, but it comes out fine after some time - this option ruled out)

This is the site

If anyone knows how to trace the problem, please help.

Or if the problem is zoneedit, please suggest a better free nameserver (or can I use multiple nameservers from different services ?)
It works now


Transfer your domain to any name servers online from our web-based Control Panel.

I found this at indiainternets.. I assume that is your registrar. Do a careful search and see if there are options to set the nameservers.
Yup it does load but not always. It goes off intermittently ...

Was setting up statistics php code and changing themes ... - and the site doesn't load sometimes - even the wordpress admin ...

That's my registrar.
I did set the nameservers to because it's free. I want to know if the problem is at zoneedit or the server at frih ....
If zoneedit - there are more free nameservers out there ....
Let me give a suggestion.. When the site goes down, as you say, do this:


If everything for server 2 is functioning well, then report back.
If for example, apache is down or something like that, then it is part of a problem in server 2.

Also, try setting the nameservers directly to and from the registrar itself. It is better to do this than doing it from ZoneEdit
Scorpio wrote:

Also, try setting the nameservers directly to and from the registrar itself. It is better to do this than doing it from ZoneEdit

I need to use Zonedit (or any other nameserver) because frihost doesn't allow mr to change the MX records (for mail in Google Apps)

I'll check the server stats thing ...

But. a few mins after the problem, when I could acces the site, I checked the server info in Directadmin. And the server uptime was 2 days, ....

So the server probably wasn't down. Could be the nameserver issue.

How can I track the complete path of a URL request.
From registrar to nameserver to hosting ?
Do not look at the server uptime.. Apache may have been down when you couldnt access your site. That time is not counted in the server uptime for some reason.
What nameservers do u all use ???

Which ones would u recommend ? Is it possible to change MX records in all of them ?
I've been using zoneedit since I got my domain and never had any problems with sure you hadn't just changed any settings when you experienced the problems? sometimes you will go somewhere and see it, from either a history or cached version, and then it appears to go down when the settings start to change. allow about a day sometimes after changing any settings before you decide whether or not it's working. lots of connections over the whole internet need to be refreshed before your domain will direct everyone to the proper place.
It was not ZoneEdit's fault. It was (Server 2) doing it's hourly restarts ...


ZoneEdit is really good.

I am actually now looking for a free nameserver which allows SRV records to try out the Google Apps Chat thingie with other services.

ZoneEdit works really good with Google Apps, except that I can't set the SRV records. In fact my site has been running on ZoneEdit from the beginning , and I've had no problems ... Very Happy
Try free DNS service

I think it is good
combicola wrote:
Try free DNS service

I think it is good

Wow, thanks combicola, exactly what I wanted.

I had seen only 2 major free services earlier and neither had SRV records. But this service has what I wanted and more. I guess I should shift to this before they start making it a paid service

Hope they keep it free. Laughing


There was also a limit on the number of domains you could sign up for on zoneedit.
But this site seems to have unlimited domains, must try it out.

I'll try it with a free domain name service atleast.
some free DNS service that i used
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