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Will Vista work good on this computer?


can windows vista will work well on acer aspire 5050?

here are the specs:

AMD Turion 64 2.0 Ghz
512 Ram
ATI Radeon 1100

thanks Smile
You will probably need 1024 mb RAM or it will lag like crazy.
really? i shoud've buy that extra memory. cheese.. Eh? but it should be compatible at least isn't it?
Wouldn't try it. My system with 2GB ram is constantly under 40% ram use. Luckily I have a dual-boot with Ubuntu now.
billgertz wrote:
really? i shoud've buy that extra memory. cheese.. Eh? but it should be compatible at least isn't it?

Well by bare minimum is a Microsoft program that checks your system
Just download that and it will tell you, but you really should get the RAM upgrade or its not even worth having Vista.
It will make to upgrade my computer's hardware. This seems not to fit for me. So, I'll not use it.
thanks for the feedback gentlemen. I'm not going to upgrade it to vista anymore. I'll just stick with my Windows XP.
What video card do you have... that matters... if it isn't 128MB or more then Vista will, by default not let you use the Aero Glass look.

However I have heard there is a work around for it but it really slows your machine down if you don't have enough video ram.
512mb on Vista is fine for general computing, and I can still run quite a lot of programs simultaneously with Aero enabled. However, if you need it for gaming needs, it may not be enough.
I would never upgrade to a recently released OS just because it's the latest release. I wait until I have to upgrade because I need a feature the old OS just won't give me or until I replace an obsolete PC with a new one that comes with the new OS.

There was an interesting comment about Vista on the Gadget Show on TV last night. One of the presenters upgraded his family PC. In that case he had some scary moments during the upgrade but it worked well in the end.

When asked 'would you recommend upgrading' he said 'No. I'd wait until I have to replace the PC, then I'd buy one with the new OS already installed. That way I know it's going to work.'

Sage advice.

However, if you have a compelling need to upgrade run the Microsoft compatibility tool first. It'll give you a good idea of any problems you are likely to run into. Also check out the web sites and forums for any software you're using - Vista has been around long enough for most incompatible software to have been identified (although not necessarily fixed).

Memory is cheap so stick at least 1GB in even if you don't upgrade to Vista. Having run a PC with 1GB I now wouldn't have one with less unless it's only a printer server. Vista may benefit from having even more (I've not checked) so run the compatibility tool first and see what it advises.
Sure you will be able to use vista, but not without any lag. I think even microsoft recommends 1024 mb memory. And from my experience, the founder often recommends the smallest amount possible.
I downloaded the program from microsoft that was suggested by reddishblue and found out that Vista will work on my PC. but still I guess I have to agree with you guys that I need to upgrade my PC memory to at least 1Gb. I don't have any problems with my system drivers for Vista since I can download it through my laptop's manufacturer's website.

Thanks to everyone again. I request this topic be closed.
well the mimimum recomended ram is 1 gb. U need it if u want vista 2 run satisfactorily
billgertz wrote:
I request this topic be closed.

-close- as requested.

Please feel free to PM any member of staff if you want this thread re-opened. Very Happy
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