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overclock my computer

i have a hp desktop that's almost five years old. it's been running really slowly lately. i did a fresh windows install and that made a little diffrence. i am planning to open it and clean the parts inside. one question i had is how do i overclock the cpu. it has a p4 processor and 256 ram. i don't plan to buy more ram. i purchased and installed a ram before but this caused my computer to restart at random times so i ended up taking it out.

so my final question, how do i overclock it and how much do i overclock it by?

HP mobos are not designed to be overclocked there might be hacked BIOS somewhere on the internet that let you overclock! I totally not recommend it unless you're willing to modify the case to have better air intake and better cooling on your CPU because your HP default cooling solution is only designed to run on the default clock!

Umm for your RAM issue are you sure it was compatible RAM also if it's bigger remove the 256 put your new RAM in then you can try to add on your old RAM on the next slot!
Like fadirocks said, HP desktops most likely can't OC through bios, as they probably put some restrictions in. You can give it a shot and see if you can raise the FSB, but I doubt that'll work. As for OCing with windows, I don't recommend doing it. It isn't as stable as OCing through the bios and it isn't permanent, meaning you have to OC it everytime you restart windows. If you REALLY want to OC it, you will also have to get sufficient cooling. You'll need a much better heatsink, look for Zalmans and Thermaltakes. Also, you'll need to either add more fans to the case, or replace the stock fans with higher rpm ones.
thanks guys
i won't overclock it if i''m going to have more problems later

as for ram, i have 256 stick and bought another 256
switching order didn't help.
i'll return it and get a diffrent one.

I think all of the Branded PCs does not allow overclocking so you won't find any of those features available in the BIOS. You'll definately do better with more RAM. If your mobo supports dual channel RAM, then it's advisable to use 512MBx2 if no future upgrades required. You will definately notice substantial performance improvements with 1GB of RAM on your PC. 512MB is the minimal for smooth performance especially on an XP platform. Some of these mobos however have compatibility issues even with branded RAMs. My office DELL notebook couldn't detect a 1GB Corsair SODIMM RAM. So I had to swith it with an Apacer RAM module from a Compaq notebook.
As for the overclocking you are going to need to replace your motherboard, this price can vary depending and the socket type and fsb of your processor, But if you do fancy the idea then ill need a bit more info from you concerning your rig, Download cpu-z and get all the info you can find and post it in, that way i can give accurate instruction. Also the type of ram (sd, ddr, mhz, manufacturer, model) also just for the sake that you had problems with your ram, can you tell me the motherboard model number aswell plz, all this can be found in cpu-z. You DO NOT NEED to buy a new case but at least mod it for extra ventilation. Also what Wattage does your psu offer on 70% load? This is also a big factor of overclocking. Hope to help you soon
I use a HP computer too, and I don't think they allow overclocking. You can't really tweak it through the BIOS settings...
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